Self isolation getting you down? Read everything you own? Or are you just too tired to pick up an actual book? If any of those apply to you then Candy Jar Books has you covered! They’ve just announced a free to download Lucy Wilson story to help us through this slump. They’re always generous like this, but this story is even topical.

‘Copy/Paste’, written by author Jonathan Macho, tells a tale of isolation. Written specifically for this lock down the story looks at Lucy and Hobo and their use of technology to communicate. Of course, it’s not so simple as that though. What if the technology had a different idea?

Jonathan Macho talks about how he got involved in this project. “When Shaun (Russell, head of publishing) at Candy Jar asked me to work on this story I was honoured. I’ve been enjoying and appreciating the work of some of my favourite writers and other creative professionals while stuck at home, including the team at Doctor Who, so I know how magic an escape right now can be. The chance to contribute something small to that brilliant effort was pretty special.”

Macho continues. “Shaun already had a lot of great ideas for how to tell the story, including the new menace our heroes have to face, and getting it written was a lot of fun. I took the chance to grapple with my own lockdown demons, some sock related, take a moment to appreciate the marvels of modern technology, and of course salute the people who are working so hard to keep us safe right now, including all of you at home. I hope you enjoy Lucy and Hobo’s new adventure, and thanks to Candy Jar for giving me the opportunity to do my little bit.”

Brig, A Dear

Candy Jar Lucy Wilson Copy/Paste

To make this free story even more enticing and interesting, also included is a message from the Brigadier (recently discovered by Richard Brewer). Shaun Russell, says: “When Richard sent us the message from the Brig we contacted him straight away to ask if we could share it with our readers. Richard agreed and we are pleased to present this long-lost UNIT message to Doctor Who fans.”

To download The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Copy/Paste click this sentence. 


It’s 2020 and Lucy Wilson is stuck at home, locked down with her family and feeling glum. She’s used to being the hero, but this particular type of heroism is hard and slow. Luckily, her friend Hobo is just a few clicks away. Isn’t modern technology amazing?

But why does the video keep glitching? Who’s that smiling with Lucy’s face? And can she really save the world when she can’t even leave her house?


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