As you may know, Blogtor Who is available for purchase. Included in the sale are the site ( and its archive, the Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

If you are interested in buying Blogtor Who and its satellite sites, or have any questions, then feel free to email HERE.

Blogtor Who is one of the most popular Doctor Who sites online and received 4,657,375 (with both December 2011 and January 2012 seeing an approx. 50% year on year rise) whilst the Twitter feed has 16,126 followers (16/2/12). Further information is available on request. Further information is available on request.

PLEASE NOTE:the site will continue as normal in the meantime.

Blogtor Who was created by Cameron K McEwan and has been run solely by him since its inception in May 2008 – read more about the site HERE.

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Cameron K McEwan was the first owner and site editor of Blogtor Who since its creation in May 2008 until Dec 2015. A lifelong Doctor Who fan, Cameron has also written two books, The Who’s Who of Doctor Who and Doctor Who: The Big Book of Lists, and directed a film all about Doctor Who fans throughout the years, Who’s Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans. Cameron also contributes TV and film news and reviews to BBC Radio London, Metro, Digital Spy, New York Observer and Den of Geek. He lives in London with his one trousers.


  1. Noooooo!!!!

    Please don't sell it to some replace-a-well-known-site-with-a-load-of-spam-advertising-merchant


    Good luck, you deserve to get something for all the effort, which has been appreciated

  2. Wow didn't expect this 🙁

    Sadly the person who buys is going to be looking to get something back on their investment, rather than running the site for their love of Doctor Who.

    I fear Blogtor will be Blogtor in name only. A sad day.

  3. Sad to see you go, Cam. 🙁

    I take it this is the end of the commentaries, then? (Unless the new owners want a go!)

  4. Frankly I cant see, apart from the hit count, why anyone would want to buy Blogtor. You *are* Blogtor, as soon as you jump ship it'll just be another generic Doctor Who blog.

  5. Name brand, innit! Plenty of wannabe journos and Doctor Who fans who'd love to bypass the difficult "startup" phase and start broadcasting to the masses right off the cuff, good name with a lot of clout – as long as you're keeping the rep up, you'll be able to get interviews, maybe advance copies (if you're very lucky)… good position to start from!

    Honestly though, with respect to the new owner (whoever that might turn out to be), it's a very tricky business to get "right." And the old management have made it very personality-led indeed.

    The new buyer will need to be very, very good indeed. But I'm sure they intend to be!

  6. Aw! Why is this? This is one of my favourite sites! but you have done an amazing job so you deserve it!

  7. Cameron, why not consider trying targeted advertising… like maybe Forbidden Planet's extensive Doctor Who merchandise, or Abby Shot's Doctor Who jackets? I don't think that any of your readers would mind seeing ads, so long as they're Who related.

  8. I know you said on Twitter that you didn't want to have ads or donations but that is madness! Seriously if it is 'just' a money problem then the first step should be donations, ads – most sites end up with ads, folks are pretty much use to them now-a-days. Besides if the ads were Doctor Who related no one is going to care. 😉

    Of course you may have other reasons and that is your business, all the best and thanks for all the fish! 🙂

  9. I think I echo some of the comemnts here. If you do sell the site then you should try and ensure that whoever runs it, depending on whether you still have a 'showrunner' role arranged with the new owner, maintains the high standard achieved here. After all, Blogtor is 'you', trouser tightening included.

    I can appreciate, just from my own experience, that it is very hard work doing all the things you do here Cameron and the new owner, if they intend to keep the Blogtor flag flying, will have their work cut out for them. I admire your work ethic and I'm amazed at how much you do week in and week out. That's reflected in the high profile the site has achieved since its launch. The danger is that the standard will drop if you are not involved at all. But then that would be a problem for the new owner.

    Again, as other folk have suggested, there is targeted advertising if it is a case of needing to raise money. Or simply ask readers to donate on the site. With so many readers that approach might generate some finance for you. Worth a shot.

    Whatever you choose to do I wish you well and you deserve your success.cita

  10. Sorry to see this Cam, you've helped keep the flame alive and done a terrific job promoting the prog.

    And what folks are saying is true – the site is YOU, YOU are the site.

    I hope the site's new owner(s) manage to retain at least half its quailty tho'…

    Very best wishes,


  11. Cameron:

    I'm not familiar with all the details behind this move, but if it is about money (as others in the comments have hinted), please consider trying ads, donations, or some combination thereof.

    I don't come to this site because it's called blogtorwho; I come because of what you write.

    Without that…not sure I see the point.

  12. This is a great site, and it's run quite, quite well. But if you are going to walk away, walk away and don't play those Shaun Lyon "will i or won't i" games that went on for years at Outpost. let your yes be yes and either move on, or dig in for the long haul. Either way, wish you the best, and thanks for all the hard work.

  13. Well, balls, that blows. It must be a lot of work to keep this up, but I wish you would. Best of luck on the regeneration; as others have said, you ARE the Blogtor, so whoever takes over will have their work cut out for them.


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