Doctor Who’s biggest and most comprehensive monster guide yet, The Monster Vault takes you on the ultimate tour of the Whoniverse, discovering and cataloguing every wonderful and terrifying creature the Doctor has ever encountered.

From the notorious Daleks, to the evil Stenza warrior T’zim-Sha and the ancient Thijarians, The Monster Vault features in-depth profiles on each monster, showing the Doctor’s most dangerous enemies in their natural habitat and unveiling their secret histories. You will also discover how monsters were created and designed, through exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, anecdotes, case studies and unseen artwork.

This lavish and visually stunning book provides an unrivalled wealth of information, allowing you to explore the rich history of Doctor Who and expand your knowledge and understanding of monsters old and new.

Doctor Who: The Monster Vault is published on 22nd October 2020 by BBC Books, priced £25.
Doctor Who: The Monster Vault (c) BBC Books


Jonathan Morris is a long-standing contributor to Doctor Who Magazine and has written five Doctor Who novels and over 70 audio dramas for Big Finish Productions. He has also authored documentaries for the Doctor Who Home Entertainment range and contributed to The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who and The Shakespeare Notebooks. Outside of Doctor Who, he’s written for various TV comedy shows and has written numerous sitcom scripts.

Penny CS Andrews is a writer, performer, activist and academic researcher. Penny is non-binary and has presented at conferences from across the world. They have been interviewed by the Guardian, ITV and BBC Radio 4 amongst others about autism, though mostly they talk about Doctor Who, pop culture, politics, fandom and Ed Balls.


Lee Johnson is a freelance illustrator of books and audio dramas. He has a passion for film posters, using a cinematic style to give his artwork maximum impact while staying true to the aesthetics of the story. He illustrated Doctor Who: The Complete History (2015-2019) for Panini UK and Hachette Partworks, Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book (2010-2011) for BBC Books, and Blake’s 7 for Big Finish Productions.

Ben Morris has illustrated for many major UK newspapers, magazines, and design and ad agencies. Since 2003 he has worked regularly for the BBC’s Doctor Who range, illustrating their two magazines. More recently, he has illustrated and designed Whographica (2016) and illustrated Doctor Who: Paper Dolls (2017) for BBC Books.


Paul Lang is the former Deputy Editor of Doctor Who Adventures and author of the Doctor Who Annual since 2017. In 2010, he designed and helped to devise the critically-acclaimed Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book for BBC Books, and has designed several other Doctor Who titles, including A History of the Universe.

Doctor Who: The Monster Vault is published on 22nd October 2020 by BBC Books, priced £25.


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