Colin Baker and Louise Jameson in Pointless Celebrities (C) BBC
Over the Christmas period, the BBC have a number of familiar faces popping up from the world of Doctor Who. Check out some of the highlights below.
Pointless Celebrities has a “Pantomime” special and features Sixth Doctor Colin Baker and Leela herself, Louise Jameson (pictured above). Co-hosted by Alexander Armstrong, who starred in The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End and The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe, the show will air Dec 24 on BBC One.

Sticking with Alexander Armstrong, the actor is presenting Bruce’s Hall of Fame with Alexander Armstrong and includes an appearance from Donna Noble – Catherine TateHall of Fame puts a modern twist on the most famous acts of all time. It’s a chance for today’s stars to pay homage to their heroes and find out what it’s like to perform as their showbiz legends would have done. It also stars Australian film star, singer and dancer Adam Garcia (The Christmas Invasion). The one off special is due to screen early in the New Year.
Catherine Tate in Bruce’s Hall of Fame (C) BBC
Catherine Tate has been busy as she is also part of the cast of Billionaire Boy, based on the book by David Walliams (The God Complex). You will also see Rebecca Front (The Zygon Invasion) and Warwick Davis (Nightmare in Silver) on the programme which airs New Year’s Day on BBC One. Unsurprisingly, Catherine Tate: Nan also stars the former temp from Chiswick, two episodes will air over the festive period. 

And finally, Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston can be seen in an extraordinary role (very Doctory) in Ten Pieces II,  Dec 26 on BBC Two. In it, he introduces younger audiences to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries – check out a preview HERE.




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