#SavetheDay, the global re-watch of The Day of the Doctor, has been and gone. The event saw thousands of Doctor Who fans worldwide turn on the story at exactly 7pm GMT and then tweet along their thoughts. Organized by Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook, it was designed to be a way for fans to get together in a fun and positive spirit in a season when conventions have all been cancelled and people are staying in and keeping safe. So for 75 minutes we were all able to put our fears and worries aside and smile and what readers of DWM voted the greatest Doctor Who story of all time.

One of the brilliant things about the virtual get-together was the enthusiastic participation of writer Steven Moffat, Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) and Dan Starkey (Strax). While Oliver hosted a live video chat, Steven Moffat scripted a brand new introductory scene for Day of the Doctor. Performed by Starkey, it perfectly captures Moffat’s sharp sense of humour and love of the sometimes absurd contradictions in a show as long running as Doctor Who…


Moffat also rejoined Twitter on a strictly temporary basis for the event, and we’ve included some of his best tweets as we go along. But he kicked off by revealing the original opening prologue. A speech by the Doctor it was cut because it rather gave the ending away…

He also noted how he deftly dealt with the crowds of onlooking fans he knew would gather as soon as filming started in London city centre. He wrote them in to the script…

Fans also relieved the excitement of finally seeing the Time War on screen.

While Steven Moffat praised John Hurt…

…and expressed amazement at how David Tennant still talks to him, despite his tendency to mock all his leading men in his scripts

Hi Peter! Hi Sylvester! Hi Colin! Glad you made it into the episode.

Max Curtis touches on the reason for fans getting altogether.

Steven Moffat, meanwhile, pointed out some plot oddities…

Blogtor Who’s own Bedwyr Gullidge remembered his own experience of having to re-assemble the Black Archive’s board of companions for the Doctor Who Experience.

So say we all, Lori

Steven Moffat gave full credit for one of the story’s key moments to his predecessor Terrence Dicks.

Carol was just one of the many fans for whom #savetheday was exactly what they needed right now.

Writing the scenes where the all thirteen Doctors assemble to save Gallifrey was almost as exciting…

… as watching them!

By his final scenes John Hurt was already such a part of the family he was making his own Who jokes.

“You know, I really think you might”

To finish, Steven Moffat affirmed just how much he loves this silly little show. But also appealed to people to stay safe and to help each other in the current crisis.

With Moffat declaring his Twitter presence only temporary, people rushed to thank him before he popped off again.

But if your worried about his insights disappearing in a puff of smoke, never fear. Lauren has your back.

The whole event went down incredibly well, setting Doctor Who as #1 trending in the UK and #3 in the world.




In fact, so well received was it, that Emily immediately began plotting the sequel. #TripofaLifetime anyone?



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