The Cybermen have ascended. The Doctor and her fam have run away a lot. The mystery of the Boundary has revealed itself as an even bigger mystery. And, frankly, God alone knows what 1950s Ireland has to do with any of it. But what did the Cyber Hive-Mind Twitter make of it?


Kippy notes that Ireland has been referenced in Doctor Who, long before Ascension of the Cybermen. Apparently it’s where Gallifrey really is. You don’t suppose… Nah.


The Women of Who are as stumped as Blogtor Who by the story of Brendan, the mysterious – and unkillable – Irish policeman. Could he be the Timeless Child?


Or maybe he’s Ko Sharmus wonders Rose? After all they’re both played by Irish actors? [Blogtor Who feels obliged to point out the Lone Cyberman is an Irish actor too. Hmm]


What’s evil, purple and loved by Dominic G Martin?


Famed Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell was impressed by the level of threat and edge brought to the new Cybermen.


While Janet Fielding, the former Tegan, worries that Graham’s positive attitude might mean her seeing another companion die at Cyberman hands.


TARDISmonkey picked up on how an army of Cybermen stomping around the darkened corridors of a cargo spaceship is call back to an earlier Doctor Who adventure.


Cora sums up the almost universal view of the episode from the edge of her seat.


Miles agrees about how tense this episode was, but hopes the pay off next week is worth it.


A concern echoed by author Lisbeth Myles, who also hopes The Timeless Children is worth it.



Doctor Who S12E09- Ascension of the Cybermen -Doctor Who S12E09- Ascension of the Cybermen
Doctor Who S12E09- Ascension of the Cybermen -Doctor Who S12E09- Ascension of the Cybermen -Doctor Who S12E09- Ascension of the Cybermen

Doctor Who Series 12 concludes at the earlier time of 6.50pm next Sunday with The Timeless Children

In the epic and emotional series finale, the Cybermen are on the march. As the last remaining humans are ruthlessly hunted down, Graham, Ryan and Yaz face a terrifying fight to survive. Civilisations fall. Others rise anew. Lies are exposed, truths are revealed, battles are fought, and for the Doctor — trapped and alone — nothing will ever be the same again.

Series 12 stars Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Bradley Walsh (Graham), Mandip Gill (Yaz) and Tosin Cole (Ryan), with Chris Chibnall as Showrunner and Matt Strevens Executive Producing. Ascension of the Cybermen guest stars Julie Graham (Ravio), Patrick O’Kane (Ashad) and Steve Toussaint (Feekat). It’s written by Chris Chibnall, and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone (Spyfall Part One, Praxeus)


  1. Brendan and Graham are both O’Brien… and Yaz makes a point of saying Graham’s surname during the episode. Therefore they maybe are related? Could “everything you know is a lie” relate to Graham’s identity in relation to the Doctor?


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