The legendary Doctor Who director is back calling the shots for the show’s 60th anniversary

Director Rachel Talalay, a long time favourite with Doctor Who fans, appeared to confirm today that she’s the director of the 60th Anniversary episode. Or rather, the director of at least one of the Doctor Who episodes next year for the 60th Anniversary. After all, the Bad Wolf team still haven’t confirmed what the format for next year will be. It may be a separate special followed by a series. But the 60th Anniversary celebrations may stretch across multiple episodes of the new series instead. It’s worth bearing in mind that, despite all the announcements this month, we still know surprisingly little about next year. We don’t even know how many episodes are planned! So there are still plenty more twists planned ahead by Russell T Davies and his team.

Talalay was spotted on location, alongside the already announced David Tennant and Catherine Tate and showrunner Russell T Davies. However she later denied on Twitter that she’d been directing saying “Oh, twitter, I know you won’t believe me, but I wasn’t directing today. Can I say ‘No cap’ — is that a good pun?” However she later posted to Instagram, following the format of recent announcements, with two hearts, a blue diamond, and a clapperboard. Representing respectively Doctor Who, the diamond/60th anniversary, and directing. The implication is that, with its emphasis on the word “today,” her earlier tweet may have been a skilful evasion. She might have present today as an observer. But be directing on other days, other scenes or episodes that make up part of the celebration.



Rachel Talalay directing Peter Capaldi in Hell Bent (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
Rachel Talalay directing Peter Capaldi in Hell Bent (c) BBC Studios

Talalay’s work during Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor made her a firm favourite with viewers

Rachel Talalay is already a familiar name to fans, known for helming some of Doctor Who’s most critically acclaimed episodes. She directed each of the Twelfth Doctor’s two-part season finales, as well as his final special Twice Upon a Time. From the stunning reveal of Missy as a new incarnation of the Master, to the Doctor’s four-and-a-half billion year imprisonment in the universe’s spookiest castle, to the sinister genesis of the Mondasian Cybermen, Talalay has proven herself equally adept at both atmosphere and action. However, the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary will be her first work with Russell T Davies as showrunner. It fulfils the hopes of many fans that Talalay would be a part of the new era, with Davies poised to call on the best talents from across the thirteen series of Doctor Who so far.


Doctor Who Centenary Special - The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - BBC Studios - Photos - James Pardon
Doctor Who Centenary Special – The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) – BBC Studios – Photos – James Pardon

Doctor Who continues this Autumn with the Thirteenth Doctor’s final episode, ahead of the 60th Anniversary celebrations next year




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