After Life
by Al Ewing & Rob Williams
On Sale: July 23
Al Ewing and Rob Williams’ After Life, featuring a solitary
Eleventh Doctor, really captures the spirit of Matt Smith’s era.  The
comic informs us that “The Doctor is travelling the cosmos alone,
checking for anomalies in Reality 2.0,” (this being the universe after The Big Bang) so I’m looking forward to seeing
how that is explored in future issues.
After a dark, Dickensian-style
opening gives way to a rip-roaring adventure through the very heart of
London, new companion Alice gets a nose around the TARDIS – which is
behaving even more erratically than usual.
We also get a glimpse
of a rarely seen room in The Doctor’s ship, and there’s a lovely
black-and-white-to-technicolor moment and a real heart-stopping image
that made me desperate to read the second issue (spoilers!). 
Inside you’ll also find: Pond Life, a sitcomish short (one page) featuring Amy, Rory, River and The Doctor; and a highly amusing photo~strip featuring the Titan vinyl figures of The Silence and Matt Smith. Very enjoyable!
Thanks to Titan Comics


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