Class joins the Netflix family, with all episodes streaming now.

Today has seen Class, the short lived Doctor Who spin-off conceived by critically celebrated author Patrick Ness, added to Netflix UK & Ireland. The first nine seasons of Doctor Who, along with The Husbands of River Song, are already available on the platform. It’s the only one of Doctor Who’s various spin-offs to be currently streamed on Netflix UK & Ireland.

The addition to Netflix comes on the heels of the formal announcement of Big Finish Productions’ new series of Class audios, which Big Finish Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs described on Twitter as “our worst kept secret ever.” The Big Finish podcast also revealed that they’ve held the Class license since the show was originally in production. It’s for that reason that they’re restricted to audio stories set during the show, and not beyond its cliffhanger ending. This week’s podcast also features a brief clip of the Class characters meeting some iconic characters from Doctor Who history.

Class originally aired in 2016, as a BBC Three streaming exclusive before being repeated on BBC One.  It was set among the staff and students of the new Coal Hill Academy, previously Coal Hill School.  It revealed the recurring alien activity around the school ever since the first episode of Doctor Who in 1963 had weakened the fabric of space/time in the area. When the Doctor (guest star Peter Capaldi) places an alien prince (Greg Austin) and his reluctant bodyguard Ms. Quill (Katherine Kelly) in hiding at Coal Hill, they must quickly recruit an unlikely group of disparate teenage allies to help defend Coal Hill, and the planet, from every new threat slipping through the cracks. More adult in tone, Class is rated 15 by Netflix for “strong bloody violence, injury detail, and gory images.”

Netflix is available in only 190 countries. Content and pricing plans vary from country to country. In the UK, plans start from £5.99 a month and in Ireland from €7.99. Check Netflix for details in your region.


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