Christopher Eccleston is to star as Johnny Walker in A God Amongst Men: the story of Newcastle, a painter/decorator… and Muhammad Ali

Former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston’s latest project has been announced. A God Amongst Men tells the true story of the unlikely friendship between two men: Johnny Walker and Muhammad Ali. Eccleston stars as Walker, the former boxer who now works as a painter and decorator. Meanwhile, Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude) plays the greatest boxing champion the world had ever seen: Muhammad Ali.

In 1977, Johnny’s beloved local boxing gym in Newcastle comes under threat. He soon becomes determined to save it anyway he can. At first people greet with ridicule his ambitious scheme to get the heavyweight boxing champion of the world to come to Tyneside to help save it. But Walker is a man on a mission. So soon he’s heading to the United States to make his dream come true. When word of Johnny’s quest reaches the American media, his sheer moxie impresses Ali the champion summons the Englishman to his Michigan ranch for the weekend. But can Johnny’s luck hold, and can his cheeky charms work their magic on a master of the art?

A God Amongst Men is a feelgood true story of making the impossible possible

A God Amongst Men is co-written and directed by James Newton, director of 2:Hrs. Discussing the new docudrama, he said, “A God Amongst Men is based upon the true story of how one man, Johnny Walker, outrageously claimed that he would bring Muhammad Ali to Tyneside in 1977 to save a boxing club from closure.

“Johnny was instantly ridiculed and he became a laughing stock. But Johnny didn’t give up on his dream. He found the people to help make the impossible possible.”

Blogtor Who understands that A God Amongst Men is filming this year, though there’s currently no release date listed. The former Doctor Who star will also soon be appearing in Young Woman and the Sea. The upcoming drama stars Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley as the first woman to swim the English channel, with Christopher Eccleston in a supporting role.



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