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A fraction of the map showing the interconnected paths of Time Lord Victorious (c) Blogtor Who Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Ninth Doctor Tenth Doctor Daleks

Time Lord Victorious: Blogtor Who’s EXCLUSIVE Guide to the Timey-Wimey Doctor Who Crossover

Blogtor Who has created a unique chart to be your guide through the tangles timelines of Time Lord Victorious! River Song had it easy... As...
Blogtor Who's Poet Fedora from Herbet Johnson tops off their Fourth Doctor cosplay. Doctor Who Lovarzi (c) Peter Nolan

REVIEW: Herbert Johnson’s Doctor Who Poet Fedora

The Fourth Doctor's iconic headgear can be yours, straight from its original creators The word 'iconic' can sometimes be thrown around with careless abandon. But...
Hero Collector - Doctor Who Figurine Collection - Seventh Doctor and Ace Magazine (Cover)

Hero Collector Unveil New Doctor Who Figurines for October 2020

Hero Collector have revealed details of the latest additions to their extensive Doctor Who figurine collection due for release in October 2020, including Time Lords,...
Hero Collector - Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS Console Magazine

Hero Collector Announce New Doctor Who TARDIS and Time Lord Figurines For July 2020

Hero Collector have unveiled details of the latest additions to their extensive Doctor Who figurine collection, including TARDISes and Time Lords! Console #4 - The Twelfth Doctor's...
Hero Collector's Doctor Who range this June features the Eighth Doctor, Liv, Davros, a Dalek and Judoon Captain Pol-Kon-Don (c) Hero Collector

Doctor Who Figurines for June 2020

Hero Collector have revealed details of the June releases in their popular Doctor Who figurine range The fortnightly Doctor Who Figurine Collection Magazine from Hero...