Candy Jar books always finds a way to respectfully commemorate soldiers and World War II. This VE day is being celebrated generously for the fans. Candy Jar are offering free kindle versions of some of their stories this weekend!

The Flaming Soldier

The first story, naturally, has a Lethbridge-Stewart connection. It’s a spin-off titled ‘The Flaming Soldier. This classic title is the first to introduce readers to the fictional version of, the true World War II veteran, Eileen Younghusband.

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar, says: “Eileen worked in the Filter Room, the top secret hub of Britain’s air defence, and tracked the first V2 rocket into the country! Before she died, I had a brief conversation with her about our Lethbridge-Stewart series. We joked about her being the first person to track an alien rocket into the country and this sparked an idea. Her sad death prompted us to include her in The Flaming Soldier and happily she has since been a star character in other titles in the Lethbridge-Stewart range.

Continuing on with Younghusband, Candy Jar are offering her own novel titled Eileen’s War. She had said of her book before her passing in 2016. “It is my hope that all children will read my book. I think it is really important to engage with young people about World War II. It’s a pivotal moment in our history. If my story can live on from generation to generation this will be wonderful.

Eileen’s War

Outside of Lethbridge-Stewart

Old Clothes and Porridge

Candy Jar books, of course, offer more than just Lethbridge-Stewart titles and spin-offs. They have an incredible range of titles. Also being offered for free is Maureen Mullally-Clarke’s ‘Old Clothes and Porridge. This book tells the story of a childhood spent against the backdrop of the Depression following the collapse of the American stock market, the launch of the Queen Mary, the Jarrow march, the abdication of King Edward VIII, the coronation of George VI, six years of war and the victory celebrations when war ended.

A Seemingly Ordinary Man‘ is the true story of Claude Parr and is co-authored by his grandson Gavin. The book recounts how he began his career as a steward on a cruise liner before eventually working as a member of the gun crew aboard the doomed RMS Laconia, which was torpedoed by the Nazis in 1942. Miraculously surviving the sinking, Claude was then captured and taken prisoner by the Vichy French.

A Seemingly Ordinary Man

Titles for the Youth

Will’s War

It’s important that the youth understand the past and therefore literature plays an important role. Two such books include Cherry Cobb’s ‘Will’s War’ and Anthony Ormond’s ‘Tommy Parker’.

May Day is an important time of year which should never be overlooked or forgotten. This year offers unusual circumstances which may overshadow this year’s events and celebrations. Thankfully there’s some good reading to be done for adults and children to help learn and remember a time which, though feels far away, should never be forgotten.
These tiles are free on kindle from May 8th through to May 12th. For further information about these titles, click here or, check out the Candy Jar website. You can also click on the titles above which will bring you to the download page.

Tommy Parker,


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