It’s the last of the free weekly lockdownloads from Big Finish. And it’s a murder mystery with Vienna at the heart of it!

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Big Finish has given away a quarter of a million free downloads of stories from its various ranges, including Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Sherlock Holmes, and Dorian Gray. For one final week, Big Finish listeners can download a free full-cast audio drama exclusively from the Big Finish website’s Weekly Deals page. This week’s #lockdownload is Vienna: The Memory Box by Jonathan Morris

Originally released in February 2013, this is Vienna’s first solo audio adventure. Chase Masterson stars as the impossibly glamorous bounty hunter, who first appeared in Doctor Who: The Shadow Heart. And The Memory Box is a multi-planetary rip-roaring audio adventure hailed as  “a fast-paced romp” by Sci-Fi Bulletin.

Anyone who has registered for a Big Finish account, which is free to create, can unlock this freebie. And it can also be played on the Big Finish listening app, which is free to install from the AppStore and PlayStore.

Accompanying this free #lockdownload is a selection of discounts on related titles. For a limited time, Big Finish listeners can get up to 50% off Vienna – Series 1 on download, and 50% off Vienna – Series 2 & 3 and Vienna: Retribution on CD and download.

For Big Finish listeners who’d like to save more, there is also 55% off Vienna: The Memory Box & Vienna: Series 1-3 on download.

All the above offers can be accessed at the Big Finish Weekly Deals page. All offers must end at 23:59 on 4 March 2021.


Vienna: The Memory Box (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Chase Masterson
Vienna: The Memory Box (c) Big Finish Productions

Vienna: The Memory Box

Berkeley Silver, one of the richest men in the Earth empire, lies dead in the Penthouse Suite of the Galileo space-hotel. Law Enforcement Officers Detective Captain McGinnis and Detective Sergeant Mead are called in to investigate. But it seems to have been the perfect crime. Even when subjected to a memory scan, everybody in the space-hotel has an alibi for the murder.

Which means it can only have been the work of one woman. The most accomplished – and the most glamorous – bounty hunter in the galaxy. Her name is Vienna Salvatori. And she has a little rule; nobody gets to hear her name and live…




  1. I think you meant to write that the deadline for these offers is APRIL 4, 2021, not March 4 (which would be a month ago). I checked the Big Finish site to confirm this. Thanks for letting us know about the deals!


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