Two big names are joining Big Finish’s successful Doctor Who spin-off, The Robots, which concerns the turbulent times of the planet Kaldor and its mechanical servants.

Volume 3 of The Robots is due for release later this month. Nicola Walker and Claire Rushbrook star as the two Kaldorian sisters adapting to life alongside robots with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence. The regular cast for the series also includes veterans of the television story, The Robots of Death, Pamela Salem and the late David Collings (who recorded his contribution to the series shortly before his sad passing in March this year).

The Robots: Volume 3 – Susan Penhaligan, Roger May, Carolyn Seymour, Glen McCready (c) Big Finish

Joining them are two people whose names will be familiar to television fans of the 1970s and 1980s. Firstly, Susan Penhaligon (Bouquet of Barbed Wire, A Fine Romance) takes on the role of Dorka, an eccentric resident of the Outlook Hotel where a murder is about to take place. And occupying the director’s chair for two of the three stories is none other than Louise Jameson (Tenko, Bergerac), who faced down the Voc Robots herself in the original 1977 serial.

Louise Jameson said: “I think the scripts are beautifully written. They’re so witty and fast-paced. They just zap along. Of course, this is a throwback to The Robots of Death, which was my second ever Doctor Who in 1977, so I’ve got a very, very clear image of these robots and how they behave, and how they can frighten you. I worked on that story a long, long, long, long time ago, so it’s nice to have that little echo from the past. I never thought I’d be directing them, though!

The Robots: Volume 3 – Louise Jameson, Claire Rushbrook, Nicola Walker (c) Big Finish

The Robots: Volume 3 is available now at the special pre-order price of £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download, exclusively at, and includes three new exciting adventures:

The Mystery of Sector 13 by Rob Whitelock

Liv is investigating the Sons of Kaldor – looking out for any unusual activity on Kaldor. But when her hunt leads her to an abandoned warehouse, she may have bitten off more than she can chew… And while she’s away, Tula is finding that some problems lie a little closer to home.

Circuit Breaker by Guy Adams

Poul has returned to Kaldor City… and Toos is doing her best to help his recovery. After troubling events in a local hotel, he finds himself with another crime to investigate. But are there some mysteries that shouldn’t be solved?

A Matter of Conscience by Lisa McMullin

The Sons of Kaldor are stepping up their anti-robot campaign as Liv and Tula are stepping up their search. But even as they get closer to the survivors of Storm Mine four, their understanding of events on Kaldor is about to change irrevocably. 

The Robots: Volume 3 – V12 (c) Big Finish

The Robots: Volume 3 will be released in December 2020 and is available now at the special pre-order price of £19.99 as a collector’s edition CD box set or £16.99 as a download.

Big Finish listeners can save money with The Robots bundle of all four volumes for just £78 on CD or £66 on download.

The Robots: Volume Four is scheduled for release in June 2021.


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