As exclusively revealed in Doctor Who Magazine issue 558, the Third Doctor is returning on audio in May 2021, and he’s going to be reunited with some old friends.

Expect epic UNIT action-adventure and classic base under siege tension in a brace of brand-new full-cast audio dramas based on two periods of the Jon Pertwee Doctor Who era previously unexplored by Big Finish. Tim Treloar once again steps into the shoes and velvet jacket of the Third Doctor, accompanied for this latest volume by Jon Culshaw as the Brigadier, Daisy Ashford as Liz Shaw, and Sadie Miller as Sarah Jane Smith.

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 7 – Tim Treloar (c) Big Finish

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 7 is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD for just £24.99) or a digital download (for just £19.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website at

This four-disc box set features two fantastic four-part adventures:

The Unzal Incursion by Mark Wright

The Gulf by Tim Foley
The Third Doctor Adventures (c) Big Finish

Producer David Richardson said: “We return to two much-loved eras for the first time in this volume. The Unzal Incursion takes us to Season 7; that gritty, Earth-based time when the Doctor was struggling to get used to his exile and settling into a new life at UNIT with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Liz Shaw.

Then in The Gulf we’re in Season 11, as the Doctor is travelling the universe with Sarah Jane Smith and experiencing its wonders. And this story is set on a very wondrous world indeed…

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 7 – Daisy Ashford (c) Big Finish

Script Editor John Dorney added: “The Unzal Incursion is a very authentic Season 7 style story throwing the Doctor, Liz, the Brigadier and UNIT into a strange training program and its effects. It’s action-packed, with the complex web of betrayal of something like The Ambassadors of Death, and even shares the same opening sting! Writer Mark Wright absolutely nails the tone from the get-go.

The Gulf, by contrast, is set on a water world and takes us into Season 11 territory, with the Doctor and Sarah Jane finding themselves amongst artists on an isolated station where suspicious happenings are underway. It’s a dark story with tragic undercurrents – quite literally in fact!

Both stories open up new eras for The Third Doctor Adventures, with a new tone and style that replicates those classic seasons perfectly.

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 7 is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD at the special price of £24.99) or a digital download (at the special price of £19.99).

Big Finish listeners can save even more money by pre-ordering this volume in a bundle together with the forthcoming The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 8 from just £39.


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