The Waters of Amsterdam - Big Finish
The Waters of Amsterdam – Big Finish


  • The Waters of Amsterdam
  • Number: 208
  • Release: January 2016
  • The Doctor – Peter Davison, Fifth Doctor
  • Nyssa – Sarah Sutton
  • Tegan – Janet Fielding
  • Kyle – Tim Delap
  • Rembrandt Van Rijn – Richard James
  • The Countess Teldak – Elizabeth Morton
  • Polsbroek/Nix – Robbie Stevens
  • Glauber – Wayne Forester


  • Publisher: Big Finish Productions
  • Writer: Jonathan Morris
  • Director: Jamie Anderson
  • Music: Jamie Robertson
  • Sound: Martin Montague


The Waters of Amsterdam, just released on audio by Big Finish, opens with an exciting revelation – during her time away from the Doctor, Tegan had a boyfriend! She became a stewardess for Air Australia, and met a man named Kyle. It’s only fitting that a time traveler like Tegan would take a travelling job. But her relationship with Kyle ended badly, and Tegan just wants to move on. She and Nyssa are delighted to be together again, back in the TARDIS and ready for a new adventure.

They find themselves in the beautiful Rijksmuseum, studying drawings by Rembrandt van Rijn called “Vessels to the Stars.” The Doctor discovers that the art is more than just pen and paper – these works are actually more like blueprints than fantasy.

Meanwhile, Nyssa and Tegan are a bit alarmed by the water in the Amsterdam canals… and they even encounter water that seems to grab at them. The water sound effects, incidentally, are great fun to hear.

The Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan decide to travel back to 1658 to visit the Master (Rembrandt, that is) to find out more about the vessels. Once there, they meet a tired, rather grumpy Rembrandt, and encounter a Countess as well. The watery enemy is revealed as the Nix, and here is where the audio really shines. The cast interviews are marvelous to listen to, and they discuss exactly how they created the sounds of the Nix. Perhaps there will be another audio with these interesting creatures.

The Waters of Amsterdam is an absolute delight from start to finish.  It is available for purchase at Big Finish on CD and Digital Download.

Blogtor Who Rating:  8.5/10



  1. Sorry but I don’t believe this!

    Tegan had a BOYfriend! I mean she was out of the TARDIS but still not the closet?


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