Avengers Lost Episodes - Volume 5 - Big Finish
Avengers Lost Episodes – Volume 5 – Big Finish

Fans of The Avengers have long mourned the loss of many of the early episodes. Big Finish Audio has taken on the task on restoring the lost episode, in a series of seven box sets, and will be releasing the recordings every six months until January 2017. The Avengers tells the story of Dr David Keel, who meets a mysterious stranger named John Steed while the doctor is searching for the killer of his fiancée. Steed and Keel become partners, and Steed asks Keel to help him on other unusual cases. The two men are assisted by Carol Wilson. The show was a favorite from 1961 to 1969, and Big Audio has recreated the missing episodes.

The audio recordings are now up to Volume 5, and this box set has four stories, all of them crackling.  In Nightmare, a woman approaches Dr Keel about her missing husband, who is one of his patients. Dr Keel investigates, and even impersonates the missing scientist, until the story is resolved in a fantastic scene is a hospital room.

The next episode is Girl on the Trapeze. Dr Keel sees a young woman attempt suicide, and he and Steed investigate her life as a trapeze artist at a circus that is hiding secrets…frightening secrets that have no place under the bigtop.

The third episode, Crescent Moon, takes place in the Caribbean. A girl has been taken, and Steed begins an investigation into the mystery. The audio is filled with wonderful creaking doors and other effects that add to the suspense.

The final episode is Diamond Cut Diamond, which begins with a truly dramatic phone call, in a beautifully done recording. Steed is tracking down a smuggling ring and takes on a new job as an air steward to crack the case.

The role of Dr David Keel is played by Anthony Howell, superb as Lt. Paul Milner in Foyle’s War, and John Steed is Julian Wadham, who has a vast career in theatre, film, and television. Carol Wilson is played by Lucy Briggs-Owen, best known for Siblings.

Season 5 was released in January and is available now.

Written By: Adapted by John Dorney, Rae Leaver, Phil Mulryne, Dan Starkey

Directed By: Ken Bentley


Anthony Howell (Dr Keel)

Julian Wadham (John Steed)

Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson)

Stephen Critchlow (Doctor Jones)

Harry Long (Reece)

Bryan Pilkington (Graham Williams)

Jane Slavin (Faith Braintree)

John Banks (Porter)

Paul Thornley (Stevens)

Miranda Raison (Vera)

Chris Porter (Stefan)

Tracy Wiles (Anna)

Robbie Stevens (Turek)

Faye Castelow (Carmelita)

Anjella Mackintosh (Senora Mendoza)

Dan Starkey (Vasco)

Jot Davies (Carlos)

Damien Lynch (Paul)

Luis Soto (Bartello)

Alice Haig (Stella Creighton)

Helen Goldwyn (Fiona Charles

Justin Avoth (Doctor Collard)




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