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Doctor Who Magazine Issue 536 – There ARE such things as Macra!

The cover to Doctor Who Magazine Issue 536 (c) Panini
The cover to Doctor Who Magazine Issue 536 (c) Panini

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 536 is on sale Thursday the 7th of March and features extensive coverage of the Patrick Troughton era, as well as the second half of DWM’s look at Season 18

With classic story The Macra Terror regenerating into animated form this month, Doctor Who Magazine takes an in-depth look at all things Troughton and Macra.  Plus there’s also the concluding part of their special coverage of Season 18 as the Blu-Ray hits shelves this month

Inside this issue:

  • Behind the scenes of 1967’s The Macra Terror
  • A special exclusive preview of the new animation for The Macra Terror DVD, Blu-Ray and Steelbook release
  • A profile of the work of Ines Lloyd, the producer who, alongside new star Patrick Troughton, reinvented Doctor Who
  • DWM talks to Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills – the Second Doctor’s loyal companions, Jamie and Polly
  • Mark Troughton remembers his father, Patrick
  • The Fact of Fiction delves deep under New New York to explore the Macra’s big comeback – 2007’s Gridlock

Also this issue:

  • The second half of Benjamin Cook’s interview of Christopher H Bidmead, the giant brain behind Tom Baker’s final year
  • Writer Stephen Gallagher discusses Season 18’s Warriors’ Gate and adapting it for the new audio version
  • Doctor Who Magazine’s full review of the new The Collection – The Complete Season 18 Blu-Ray set
  • Cosplay: The new costume introduced for Tom Baker in The Leisure Hive explored
  • The curious tale of the lost Dalek
  • The surprising connection of groundbreaking scientist Eric Laithwaite to Doctor Who revealed
  • Comic strip adventure continues with the second part of Herald of Madness, by Scott Gray, Mike Collins, David Roach, Roger Landridge and James Offredi
  • Plus Gallifrey Guardian, Galaxy Forum, The DWM Review and all your usual favourites…


Doctor Who Magazine is published by Panini and available from all good newsagents and comic shops. You can also take out a subscription (with exclusive textless covers) here. DWM #536 goes on sale on Thursday, 7th of March.




  1. WOW, it was bad enough when the strip was reduced from 12 pages to 8 a few months ago, now it is a paltry 6 pages this month.

    A big draw of the mag was the strip. Going to have to reconsider whether I am splashing out every month now, even with a cheaper sub.


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