Doctor Who Lego Competition - BBC Shop
Doctor Who Lego Competition – BBC Shop

It is a wonderful thing when complementary hobbies join forces, and this BBC contest brings together some very natural allies.

The BBC Shop is offering five lucky, lucky winners an incredible TARDIS LEGO set with four of the following figures: the Eleventh Doctor (tiny fez??)  the Twelfth Doctor (with a teeny sonic screwdriver), (Clara (wonderful in any size), a Weeping Angel (also wonderful in any size), plus two Daleks. Imagine the tiny LEGO squeaking ‘exterminate!!’

Doctor Who Lego Set
Doctor Who Lego Set

And to make it that little bit more special,  it will be signed by current Doctor Peter Capaldi! Honestly, this set is to die for.

The TARDIS set has an interesting history. Have you ever sat in the stands of a game and hoped that you might get called to play with the pros? That’s what happened to fan Andrew Clark, who suggested the TARDIS LEGO set on the LEGO IDEAS site. LEGO loved Clark’s idea, and the set was released to great excitement in late 2015. The details on the Daleks are as adorable as a Dalek can be. The iconic police call box looks absolutely perfect in LEGO. The lines are clean and well-made. Even the color is accurate. The TARDIS looks terrific, filled with cool-looking clear blue LEGO. The Weeping Angel somehow looks pretty fearsome, even rendered as a toy.

Voting closes at 23:59 on Thursday 28th January. In order to enter, you need to be a UK resident and 18 or over. More T’s & C’s here.

When you enter the contest you will get a 10% discount on your next order.

Good Luck!



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