Whooverville 15 bring more Doctor Who stars to the Derby Quad this August

The popular Whooverville convention returns to the Derby Quad on the 31st of August. The dedicated Doctor Who convention is now, appropriately enough, in its fifteenth incarnation. They’re continuing to add to their guest list, with the addition of Carole Ann Ford and Philip Hinchcliffe this week. Ford played the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan in the show’s first two seasons in 1963 and 1964, before a brief return to celebrate the show’s 20th Anniversary with The Five Doctors. She’s now sadly the last remaining remember of the original TARDIS team. Philip Hinchcliffe, meanwhile, is the celebrated television producer who ran Doctor Who from 1974 to 1977. The three seasons he produced are still regarded by fans as among the best the show ever produced.

Whooverville is organized by the Whoovers, a group of Doctor Who fans based in Derby UK, who meet twice monthly alternating between in-person gatherings and online meetings via Zoom. They’ve run the annual Whooverville convention and since 2018, have hosted Big Finish Day, for Big Finish Productions. Whooverville 15 follows their successful hosting of Big Finish Day 2024 this weekend.

Carole Ann Ford and Philip Hinchcliffe will be joining many other Doctor Who stars at the convention. These include other classic companions of the 1960s and 1970s, cast members from The Sarah Jane Adventures, and representatives of the Doctor Who Magazine and The Collection teams. Also attending will be Daisy Ashford and Sadie Miller, daughters of Caroline John and Elisabeth Sladen, who have taken over their mothers’ roles for Big Finish.


The other guests include:

  • Carole Ann Ford (Susan, 1963-4)
  • Maureen O’Brien (Vicki, 1964-5)
  • Wendy Padbury (Zoe, 1968-9)
  • Katy Manning (Jo, 1971-3)
  • Tommy Knight (Luke Smith, The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Jeff Rawle (Plantagenet, Frontios)
  • Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar)
  • Daisy Ashford (Liz in the Big Finish audio stories)
  • Sadie Miller (Sarah Jane in the Big Finish audio stories)
  • Philip Hinchcliffe (producer, 1974-7)
  • Dominic Glynn (composer, 1986-9)
  • Chris Chapman (documentary filmmaker for The Collection)
  • Jason Quinn (Doctor Who Magazine editor)

Tickets are available here from Derby Quad for £55. They’re also £38 concessions , and £10 for those aged under 12yrs.


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