The Doctor has some new companions… or should that be friends? We were introduced to them in the opening scenes. But what did we actually find out about them during the episode?


  • His Family – Ryan’s mum died 6 years ago and his farther seems like he has been largely absent from his life since with references to his unreliability. So after his mother’s death he was raised by his paternal grandmother, Grace.
  • Dyspraxia – Ryan has the condition Dyspraxia that affects coordination. As a result he is unable to ride a bike, but has been trying to learn with the help of his Nan and her husband Graham.
  • He doesn’t seem particularly comfortable with his Nan’s marriage to Graham. He doesn’t want to call Graham ‘Grandad’, doesn’t he want Graham to call him “mate”
  • Ryan went to primary school (Midland Primary) with Yasmin. Also its indicated that they haven’t seen each other since they left that school (so when they were about 11 years old)
  • He works as a warehouse worker but doesn’t like it and is studying for an NVQ to be a mechanic.
  • Ryan has a Youtube channel that, based on the one video we see, is a to camera vlog style channel.


  • Graham is a retired Bus driver.
  • He had cancer and during chemotherapy treatment met Grace, who was his Chemo nurse. They fell in love over the course of his treatment and they married three years ago.
  • He is still in remission for his cancer
  • He seems to want to form a bond with Ryan, lamenting the fact that after three years of marriage to Grace Ryan still won’t call him ‘Grandad’.


  • She went to Midland Primary school with Ryan
  • She is a trainee Police constable (2nd year probation) with Hallamshire police mostly dealing with mundane things like parking disputes. She want to start getting assignments that are a bit more interesting.

Throughout the episode we found the most out about Ryan and we probably know the least about Yasmin’s life so far, especially any family she may have. Of course there is a whole series of development to come. What more will we lean about them in the weeks to come?


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