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Picture shows: Alex Kingston as River Song
Picture shows: Alex Kingston as River Song

Well we have a long wait until series 10, Moffat’s last series as showrunner.  There are beloved characters we want learn more about, mad situations that would be thrilling, and of course, we have a gap to fill – a new companion. So here’s what I am hoping to see in series 10. (And yes it is my list. Feel free to disagree.)



We obviously need more of River Song (Alex Kingston). She’s brilliant in every episode and her chemistry with Peter Capaldi is undeniable. They bring out a playful, sexy side to their marriage that had not been in place with other Doctors. This aspect of the relationship should be explored. I hope we see these two paired in some time besides their extremely long night by the singing towers.


We need more of Missy (Michelle Gomez). I’d love to know how Missy reacts to Clara’s death, since it was Missy who paired them in the first place. Is she cruel? Will she care? Her predictably cold and blunt reaction may be just what the Doctor needs to get back in the TARDIS.

HE MAGICIAN APPRENTICE (By Steven Moffat) The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI), Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Simon Ridgway
THE MAGICIAN APPRENTICE (By Steven Moffat) The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI), Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Simon Ridgway

Series 10 would be a good time to see more of Petronella Osgood (Ingrid Oliver). She’s practical, smart, and funny. I like her even better as a twin. Perhaps Osgood could be convinced to go on just one journey with the Doctor. We’ve seen her in Series 8 and in Series 9.

Let’s see her again! Make sure she’s wearing that cool pin on her lapel.

There’s an area of the Doctor’s life that has been left ignored and unexplored, and that is his past. The Doctor has faced the loss of Clara, and the consequences of four billion years of exhausting regeneration. (Yes we know it rebooted each time.) With the Doctor wounded in solitude, he should look for family.


Imagine if the Doctor decided to feel more connected to the worlds around him by looking those he loved. He arrived on Earth with his granddaughter, Susan. We’ve not seen her since the very first series. The Doctor’s life with his family on Gallifrey has always been shrouded in mystery, but the writers opened the door to it with “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”. The Doctor’s been back to Gallifrey now, and I suspect we’ve even met his mother, or at least a blood relative. It’s time to meet the others. I hope we meet Susan again. I hope the Doctor confronts his past.susan


There’s also Jenny (Georgia Moffett). She’s blood, and technically the Doctor’s daughter, although she started out life as a scraping of skin. When we last see Jenny, she’s describing what her life will be like: “planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat — and an awful lot of running to do.” That was six seasons ago. Can we see the results?


jennySeries 9 was chock full of two-part episodes that were brilliant.  This time I’m looking for some standalones, full of action. Could the new sonic screwdriver play a role? Is there any other wearable technology that could be used in a good old-fashioned fight?

Oh and definitely bring back the guitar!!


Finally, there is the question of the Doctor’s new companion. Please let it be a woman. Peter Capaldi had this to say about the casting in an interview with Radio Times: “I just think that combo of the slightly strange and alien Time Lord with the intelligent, enthusiastic, and inquisitive girl is a good combo. I don’t know why – but it just seems to work. ” Agreed. And from this side of the Atlantic, perhaps she could be … American?


What do you want for Series 10?




  1. River’s had her day. And I didn’t care for how THORS undid what was already accomplished in Matt Smith’s era. If they bring her back then the must bring Clara back for a reunion too. And that is my No. 1 priority for Series 10. They left so many things open with Clara that they still need closure. Part of it you correctly identify – when next we see Missy, as well as UNIT, the loss of Clara has to be acknowledged. We still don’t know exactly why Missy brought them together. As for Clara herself, it really depends on whether Series 10 is Capaldi’s last (my sense is the Christmas special of 2017 will be his swan song). Past companions often appear in a Doctor’s final episode (or at least that’s been the case with Ten and Eleven), so for Clara not to appear in some way would be an oversight. If they aren’t planning on doing a spin-off series, I think the story should depict the events leading up to Clara’s return to trap street, to give her character final closure (and restore the Doctor’s memories since even Hell Bent made it clear this wasn’t really working as the Doctor expected it would).

    The new companion is going to be very tricky. Every candidate I’ve seen is coming off as either being a Clara clone or an Ace clone or a Rose clone. They need to go in a new direction which is why I’m in favor of some sort of agender character. I do feel romance should not play a role because between Clara and River they’ve taken it as far as they can go at the present time. I’m not saying forever, but at least for the remainder of Twelve’s time he needs someone closer to the Donna model than the Clara model.

    I like the idea of the Doctor looking for family (since the Matt Smith era was very much about that), but part of me almost wants Gallifrey to be saved for Thirteen.

    • Donna was always my favourite companion. More of a match for Tennant’s Doctor. And I agree that Clara will be back at the end of Capaldi’s reign in some form.

      And I must admit I’m not too keen on the family thing but I do think getting a Susan back would be brilliant.

      • I wouldn’t complain at all if Susan returned. Capaldi wished or a guitar and he got one. He has wished publicly for Susan so he may get his wish. Ideally in an episode with Carole Ann Ford to start and then regenerate Susan into a new actress or actor (sorry guys, if you really want a female Doctor you have to be gender-blind on Susan too) to carry on into the future.

  2. Well, I won’t be watching because season 9 was so relentlessly appalling but all your suggestions sound like just the sort of tired, unimaginative up-itself twaddle Moffat is probably gleefully spurting out at this very moment. They’d be killing blows if we didn’t know the show has a chance to save itself in 2018.

    • You do know Doctor Who is fiction, right? EVERYTHING on Doctor Who is “made up twaddle” and that’s been the case for 52 years!

  3. Well, since Paul Mount is one of those lovely anti-fans who thinks his scathing hatred makes him super-cool and sophisticated and smarter than anyone else, let me just say I’ll watch S10. However, since I don’t like what I’ve seen of Chibnall’s work, I’ll probably be gone for S11. I look forward to the day I’ll get to watch (from a distance) fandom screaming and imploding over Chibnall the Great Savior.

    • Hello Sarah.

      I thought series 8 was awful and series 9 was only slightly better.

      Series 9 has an awful lot of ideas and plot lines borrowed and used with inferior writing from big finish.

      As a big finish fan I was incredible underwhelmed by it.

      The viewing figures are also the lowest since the reboot.

      The problem is you can’t put a fixed value on a subjective item.

      Liking or disliking doesn’t make you an anti fan so I thought your comments about Chibnall didn’t make you look to clever (I thought Cyber woman was poor too).

      Some of us fans, not all, just some want Doctor Who to be about a man and his time and space machine visiting vastly different world’s and cultures.

      Not about day to day living in modern day London.

      The show is about going anying where and any when.

      By all means keep loving the show but no one should start name calling because people disagree.

      I would like an alien or companion from the future.

      Different planets to visit.

      Missy/Master to actually be a villian. Too little gravitas is used in the show, particularly by the villains.

      More Davros. The casting was great, and while I personally didn’t care for the story (felt the entire first episode was trailer bites and bad (subjective) comedy, Davros with the Doctor was great.

      No Ashir/Me. Top actress, sadly miscast. She will do great things but this isn’t one of them, IMO.

      No Clara. Like Rose I think she ran her course and doesn’t need to return anytime soon.

      Less Gender swapping. Right decent male and decent female characters. If you can’t then leave. Romana being turned into a man would destroy a break out character from the shows past.

      Less hand holding. I watch a show about time travel, I know what cause and effect is. Also let characters stay dead. It is and always was a family show, not a kids show.

      Just my thoughts, liked the article even if it is poles apart from me and others (maybe) want.

  4. I’d personally like to see Jenny in a spin-off, rather than as a guest star in the main show. Missy is a definite must, since she’s Peter’s iconic villain (like the Silence were to Matt). Kate and Osgood would be a realistic place for the Doctor to go looking for information about Clara. Maybe he could end up too early and give them the memory wipe technology by accident.

    As for the companion, I’ll take just about anyone who isn’t yet another 21st century Earth chick. A peasant woman from colonial America, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or medieval China would be cool. Alternately, maybe some tomboy who got turned down for a post in a 16th or 17th century exploration mission could meet the Doctor and get to do some exploring of her own.

  5. I enjoy River but I think she had her time. We got a satisfying ending, let’s not spoil this (remember how the Ponds stayed a bit too long ?).

    Missy ? Of course, Missy ! I want more Missy. Iconic villain, great chemistry with Twelve, there’s a lot of potential storylines with her.

    I’m not very fond of Osgood, Kate and UNIT. However, it would make sense to see an episode with them, but a standalone would be enough for me :p

    The idea of Twelve’s family is great. It has been too long for Jenny, I think, maybe using her in a spinoff would be better. But Susan could be interesting for all the fans, like me, who never saw the classic episodes.

    As for the new companion…Clara is out and eventually had a decent ending. Maybe a cameo for Capaldi’s last episode, but no more. Or in a spinoff. I think we had our share of pretty young ladies, Donna proved that another option can be as enjoyable. Maybe a couple for series 10, one being from another timeline, so we could have something different, knowing from the start that everything will change in series 11 (New showrunner, new Doctor, new companion).

  6. Problem with River is they would be mostly staying in Darillium with the 24 years of their last night. Forget that and let her go. Time to move on plus she got her screwdriver. I’d rather see Missy over River.


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