The Doctor and Metacrisis -David Tennant - BBC publicity shots - (c) BBC
The Doctor and Metacrisis -David Tennant – (c) BBC

And we’re off!

Welcome to the newly regenerated Blogtor Who website.   It is still a Metacrisis Regeneration at the moment.  We still don’t trust that everything is completely set up or that the Internet DoS (Denial of Service) cyber attack is over.  There are still major datacentres at host that are having problems. Consequently, both the WordPress site and the old Blogger site are both up.

You will find all the new posts on not  We are now using the site’s URL directly instead redirecting to Blogger.  If everything remains okay, we will set up the redirects by next Monday so everything and everyone will be at seeing links only.  If not, we have a fall back.   Always have a plan B.   (BTW if that didn’t make any sense, don’t worry. Just means the two sites will become one next week. )

We’ve had a lot of fun this past week getting things ready for today.  We’ve created some spotlight features that may or may not work.  We have a series of ongoing reviews and we are just starting to pick up all the news.  This is in addition to running our currently sites. Glad we did this in a slow Doctor Who time period. But given all the extra material that is now generated we are not sure if there is such a thing anymore. Who said this was going to be easy?  Di is ready to kill me about now.

We have had a lot of enthusiasm from all the writers but it takes a bit of time to align everyone and distribute all the work.  Plus, we have to go back and read everything to make sure that works for the site.  I think that is an editor’s job.  I am finding more and more that I’m playing the editor rather than the writer but all is good.  This is a lot of fun.

This is a Doctor Who site but in the tradition of Blogtor Who and our other sites, we will be posting about other work from the various talented people involved in our favourite show and maybe even a bit more than that.  So consequently, you will see posts about Sherlock, The Prisoner and many, many more.  We hope you enjoy them.

In closing I did want to say a huge thank you and good luck to the original Blogtor Who, Cameron K. McEwan.  This site has been successful because of his talent as a writer, his love of Doctor Who and his ongoing work ethic.   We wouldn’t be here without his brilliance.  I hope that 2016 is a stellar year for him.  He has supported us completely in this transition and I hope everyone will continue to read his insightful comments, reviews, lists and quizes on BBC Radio London, Metro, Digital Spy, New York Observer, Den of Geek and more.  Take care, Camsy! Lunch is on me this week.

Oh and if you see any problem, mistakes or just things in general you like or dislike, send us a message at our Contact Us page, the post comments section, on Twitter or on Facebook.  We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Susan Hewitt
Site Owner and Editor
Blogtor Who, David Tennant News and Peter Capaldi News.

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Susan Hewitt is the Editor and Site Owner of Blogtor Who. She has loved all Doctor Who for over 5 decades now. Prisoner, Blake-7, Space-1999, Star Wars and Star Trek were also huge favourites. Her favourite Doctor is Tom Baker with Peter Capaldi following in a close second. However, David Tennant does rank as one of her favourite actors particular due to his brilliant work in theatre. She followed her heroes and became an Electrical Engineering in the semiconductor industry and worked for ATI, AMD and ARM. She is the CTO of Ryff when she isn't writing or editing Blogtor Who.


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