The BBC have issued promotional pictures for the Doctor Who Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song. Click on the images here for bigger versions. The episode airs this weekend in the UK and North America.

airs 7.05pm, Oct 1 on BBC One/HD

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  1. Hrm, interesting there is an eye clearly visible under all of the eyepatches except for Madam Kovarian, Gantok… and the Doctor. Wonder if it's just a mistake (like the doctor's impossible leg in the poster with his new coat) or if there's something to it.

  2. i dunno if i'll watch it, new who gives me a bad taste in my mouth 🙁 miss the old stuff and older stuff XD

  3. Agree with last Anonymous comment. Current Doctor Who series not up to standard. Might watch last episode just to see what all these answers are supposed to be. Could be everyone has forgotten what the questions were in the first place.

  4. I wish the "Old Who" fanboys would just go away, their day in the sun is long over and the new series is infinitly superior to their old guff

  5. the first four series were vastly superior.
    I'm sure we won't get everything answered. It'll probably just be more plot twists and mysteries. Does anyone else feel like all of this season's stories have no plot, only repeated plot twists?

    Also one of my friends thinks he's worked out what the eyepatches are for. Makes perfect sense to me considering the last scene of Closing Time, and it perfectly explains why they're all wearing eyepatches.

  6. Not sure if my opinion 'counts' – being one of a few that started my Dr Who journey with 'Rose' – but I like to be challenged every weekend and consequently rewarded. Steven Moffat's talent as a writer is not to be sniffed at in any context, and his reign has been the most exciting for me so far.

  7. I love the show and by the end of the first half of season 5 I was won over by Doctor 11, but I miss Doctor 10's show. This is a vastly different animal, which for the sake of the story and tone of the show it has to be, but I miss stories I didn't have to take notes during. If season 6 is just one long plot to shoot the Doctor in the face, it's way more complicated than it has to be.

  8. To be honest, if you don't like new who *at all* I'm not sure why you're here. If you're not so keen on this series, that's fair enough. But the beauty of Doctor Who is it can try all manner of things because of its almost limitless boundaries. So what if it hasn't worked perfectly for you? I'd much rather watch a programme constantly trying to break new ground and better itself, even if it doesn't quite work out, than have the same type of stories and same types of arcs repated over and over as they were in RTD's era.

  9. I think Steven Moffat has created an intriging and exciting series. However, the main reason I am enjoying it so much is Matt Smith himself. His Eleventh Doctor is so much more interesting than the angst ridden, lonely god that Tennant's became. Bravo. Mr Moffat sir!

  10. Also, what it exactly is so complicated? I know it's a big arc with timey-wimey developments, but as long as you watch every Moffat episode it hasn't been hard to follow. IMO the only episode that couldn't have been watched and enjoyed in isolation is Let's Kill Hitler, and I do find it odd that a story like that was structured to start a run of episodes. But if you're finding it hard to follow, you're just not paying attention. I get lost during Spooks, and had to think over what was happening in The Shadow Line almost constantly earlier this year (not that it wasn't still one of the best things I've ever watched), but Doctor Who does not pose any real issues. Not to mention that at the end of the day it comes down to whether you like the story, not how complicated it is. Blink was just as complex if not more, and viewers begged for more in the same vein. Now we've got it it just seems some people can never be content.

  11. Seen them all since Hartnell days and I like all of them, some maybe more than others, but in the end no matter who's playing him or writing the series, it's always the Doctor, regardless.

    I enjoyed this and last series' arcs very much, didn't find it overly complicated, and was rewarded by some great storytelling, acting and generally surprising twists and turns. I am looking forward to a wildly inventive finale, complete with eyepatches, revelations, Stetsons and more revelations.

  12. I've really loved the new series of Doctor Who from Rose onwards. I thought Christopher Ecclestone was fresh and brilliant and David Tennant was just amazing. The whole RTD era was, for me, a wonder of modern television.

    But series 5 and 6 have been a complete revelation for me. I absolutely love Matt Smith in the role and I love what he brings to it. The writing, from the gem of a first episode that was The Eleventh Hour, to the most recent one, Closing Time, has been clever, challenging and witty. Who on earth said that exciting television can't be intelligent? I've heard series 6 described as a "golden era" in the history of the programme and I'd be hard pressed to disagree.

  13. I am so extremely very bored with people who come on to doctor who sites just to complain about the state of the show. I am not exactly a veteran of Doctor Who (Started watching in 2005) but I've loved just about everything that has happened in that time with the exception of a few episodes here and there. Series 5 is my favourite series closely followed by Series 6 and I feel like Moffat and the current writing team know exactly how who The Doctor is and how his adventures should be (obviously there has been mistakes made but that's the nature of the show). I understand others might not like it and I don't want them to change their opinions I'd just rather they'd go away and stop watching rather than constantly complaining on Trailers for the new series or promotional images for the new series. I prefer this current era over the RTD era (not to say I don't also adore those episodes too) and It would be awfully stupid of me to find a discussion about that era and start listing all the problems I had with it. To me this is just about the standard I expect the show to be, the only thing that ever ruins it for me is the comments I read online. It's not the standard of the show i worry about anymore, it's what I'll read online afterwards. I did however find the comment about repeated plot twists amusing, Let's just forget that for the first four series you could just about guarantee that the villain behind it all was a reappearance of a classic series enemy

    It does show how passionate us lot get about Doctor Who and I hope that the show always divides opinions in such a way, I just wish those with strong opinions would voice it when necessary.I think I need to go check my blood pressure now.

  14. I have found things to like and dislike about each Doctor and each era. I have also skipped a couple of Doctor's when I wasn't feeling it. Overall I haven't enjoyed this season as much as I did last season but it is still head an shoulders about most everything else on TV. I may like next season better or it may make me think back to this season as being the good ol' days.

    Everyone probably has a wish list of what we want to see. More of this companion, less of that one. More or less Daleks, etc. I don't think I am ever going to get exactly what I want but most of the time I get enough to keep me happy and tuned in.

  15. I'll admit I was afraid that Moffatt with his strange looking Doctor (Matt Smith just looked odd to me in his original pictures) who I'd never heard of or seen before would turn a show I'd enjoyed into something horrible. I was 100% wrong, it took a show I loved and made it even better, yes the story lines are complex, and I like that, if I want boring tripe I'll watch 99% of TV, if I want to think and have the kind of stories that leave me thinking like some of my favorite books I'll choose series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who.

    While he's still kinda funny looking, Matt Smith is quickly coming up on my all time favorite Doctor, though I'm not sure anyone can ever overtake Troughton in my mind, and I'm only 31 and didn't start watching DW until the RTD era.

  16. I think something about the new coat and the 'missing' 200 years is going to play a big part.

    I have really enjoyed Moffat's take though finding the break has taken some of the p[ace out of the big arc, I just love a show that can be so versatile as this.

    The only thing that has hit me as really off is Amy's lack of motherly instincts, I know she knows how mel grew up etc and changing things may upset time but a mother's instinct is far stronger than anything, no way would she have let the doctor have all these adventures while her baby is out there being turned into a weapon and absolutely no way would she have left the doctor to have her life and leave her child out there, it simply would not happen, any mother would have knocked him out and stole the Tardis. Evn though she knows Melody/river's future she wouldn't give up her baby. Unless this explained better in the finale It is horrible storytelling.
    I must stress it is the only issue I have with Who as I love Moffat's vision but it is a big hole

  17. I think the first five series of nu who suited doctor who viewers as a whole. It allowed people to miss the previous doctor (nine, then ten) or companion (rose, martha then donna) every series, and enjoy the newness too. With a two series plot and the same doctor and companions for those two series, whovians can't be all nostalgic and about anything yet but they can't enjoy the new elements either, causing them to lash out at the writer (who's incredible) instead simply missing someone.
    not that I agree, I love it all. But I'll probably love it even more once there's a new big change. Whovians are fickle and grumpy like that, I think.

  18. Ok Andrea, you've said your peace so you probably won't see this, but I have to ask just in case. What doesn't qualify this Series (and presumably the previous one) as Doctor Who, and what is so "hideously awful" about it?

  19. I'm a relatively new viewer of Who, I started watching from Series 3, I love Classic Who, from Hartnell up to Tennant. But honestly since Moffat took over I have lost interest, I do not like what he has done to the show, which should be renamed 'The River Song Show'.
    Why do I still watch and comment? Because like many others, I love all other Doctor Who eras and I'm still hoping the show can go back to how great it was, hopefully before it gets cancelled for good, judging by the very mixed reception and failing ratings.

  20. Here we go again with the "failing ratings" … there are no failing ratings. That is just what you haters keep telling yourself to feel better. If you don't like the show anymore, then just don't watch it. Don't continue to sit there watching it week in, week out, knowing that you're not going to be happy, then to come on all of the DW sites and bitch about it. We get it, you don't like the show anymore. Here, take this club and beat this dead horse with it. Just STFU already. Geez.

    I LOVE the current season, Doctor, companions, storylines and show running and don't want it to change anytime soon. However, it comes to something when you DO want it to change and to have a new showrunner, Doctor etc .. just so these idiots will shut the hell up. Even when it all changes, they'll still be here bitching and moaning about it. Some people just aren't happy unless they're complaining.


  21. Are ratings a sore point of discussion? How come all the pro-Moffat viewers are so quick to use abusive and offensive language? Why the strong and aggressive reaction?
    Long standing viewers of DW who have invested years of their life devoted to Who, have the right to express their opinions about the current state of their once beloved show.
    No one has the right to censor their views, only because you don't agree with them, or tell them what they should watch or not. How infantile!

  22. well… that one person was pretty angry about the ratings thing (which is understandable since it's so often quoted and so completely untrue). I think the rest of us have pretty much just been stating our opinions, and that's all they are, nobody can be right in this discussion (except on the ratings bit since that's an actual number).

  23. I've heard a lot about the ratings too (some say under 7m some say 10m for new who some say 9m for old who some say over 10m) (old as in first doctor to 10, new as in doctor No 11)

    Wheither its true or not i wish i could like it but i don't feel for the characters anymore 🙁 its gotten too soap opera for my tastes.

    and i did watch from 11th hour to god complex hoping somewhere i would feel the same for it but alas not, well at least there's the dvd boxsets of the old ones too keep me happy 🙂 who knows sometime in the future i might tune in and find myself liking it, someday, it might just be this story arch that i'm bored with i dunno. I just wish I could feel that cant wait until next expisode but instead i go is it over yet?

  24. Well instead of wishing "is it's over yet?" why not just not turn it on to begin with?

    I kind of agree with the ratings guy on a lot of the points, the ratings are great. Seems funny that people jump to the ratings argument when there is nothing wrong with them at all. Plus if you don't like the show, why watch it? That doesn't make any sense to me. I've watched a few shows before and got pretty invested in them but when they start to suck, you know what I do? I stop watching, I don't keep watching hoping it'll get better. I just stop watching. No complaining about how "my show" is now sucky, I just stop watching. It's pretty easy actually.

    I think the better option for some of you would be to just not watch during the TV season and wait for the DVDs. Watch a whole season at once. At least that way people will only have to hear the complains once a year instead of every single week.

  25. why should we invest hard earned cash into something that we may or may not like?

    I used to watch it on bbc iplayer and they have all the older ones on too so i could watch all at once if i was so inclide to do so but the show for me is no longer re-watchable.

    I do understand most of you think it's still good or better and i wish i could say the same as i loved the show.

    as for hearing us complain it's only fair when we hear it praised to add another element to it, why only hear one side of the coin as it were?

    for ratings i've heard they add the bbc iplayer to it too, wheither that is just hear say or not i have no idea.

    there was a small few i did like such as the doctor's wife, it actually got an emotional response from me something rare in this new who 🙂 but i'm pleased i watched it and i may watch this could be interesting to see how the doctor gets out of dying or not?

    some ppl have said that ppl only hate it or are bored because they cant follow it to me that implies a lack of inteligence and i'm certainally not lacking that (IQ of 122), I would like to say i followed it very well and just found it boring as some ppl may, i'm pleased some found it interesting still and hope they still do.

    I also found the idea that Amy would just give up looking for her baby as a mother myself i couldn't understand it. But i assume that Moff is going somewhere with this or he just doesn't right emotions well?

    Well I hope you all enjoy the series final and I look forward to a who everyone enjoys until then goodbye.

  26. *Unpopular Opinion Alert*

    One thing folks seem to forget is that there really is no such thing as a universal "mother instinct," otherwise no baby would ever be abused or even given up for adoption. Sadly, that's just not so.

    It made sense to me that Amy might be almost relieved not to be burdened with raising a baby after being used to high adventure. After all, Amy is kind of an immature character, devoted to her own needs and wants. The Doctor himself admits to having "stolen her childhood," which has clearly left its mark on her.

    Anyway, I have really enjoyed Moff's showrunning, although I do want more episodes. I love Sherlock but would gladly give it up if that meant more Who to look forward to.

  27. Mr Moffat is indeed a brilliant writer, and this shines through in his episodes (and season running) I hope the episodes continue and Doctor Who doesn't get to over run, already disappointed with the fact that it is airing in Autumn (which over here is Spring for us!) Otherwise, good stuff 🙂

  28. I have enjoyed this series of the regenerated Doctor Who more than any other. Though I do have some trepidation about the finale; the show has consistently failed to deliver on the last episode…

    I was in the depths of despair after Ten's final story. If RTD had not left then I would now not be typing this because I would no longer be a Doctor Who viewer.

    I am enjoying the story focus but I am tired of the story arcs and I'd like to see a series of unlinked individual stories. The best episodes have all been non-arc ones. I believe the story arc structures are holding the series back. The format is not really designed for it!

    Some come on Mr Moffat. We know that you are a good write take the series forward.

    Doctor Who fans are a diverse bunch and we each favour different styles. I don't think the monster of the week format is direct the show should revert to; it was always more than that even during the decline in the 80s. Having said that we can have a swashbuckling pirate episode, one exploring the relationship of the Doctor with his TARDIS and an emotionally charged one that tests Amy's and Rory's relationship to the limit. All very different, all appealing to different people. This is the strength of the show: I didn't like this week's episode but no worries there will be a different one along next week…

  29. Sigh. So sick of the negativity generated by a small but very vocal minority of whingers. As has been said before, oh so many times, if you don't like it don't watch if. It really is that simple. Stop trying to masquerade as some kind of consensus when the reality is youre probably either a Tennant fan girl still fondling her Ten action figure or just an idiot. If you can't get anything out of Moffats then you are most probably dead inside and don't get DW at all. Whatever. Either way do shut up complaining about it. Some of this comments thread is like a slightly less autistic Digital Spy.

  30. I loved RTD, but I also love Moffat. I don't understand why everyone dislikes him…maybe it's just because he's in the job now, didn't RTD get loads of stick when he was in charge? It seems like people are looking back at his term through rose-tinted glasses.

  31. I began watching Who just before Rose showed Down Under, and after that I went and snaffled as much of the old Who as I could find. IMHO the new series (as in 2005 onwards) has moved from strength to strength (for the most part, there's eps that I don't like, but then that is the same with most TV shows). Ten will always be who I think of when I think of 'The Doctor', but I have to admit Matt Smith has really grown on me. Particularly in the last few episodes. The writing has been better (YAY! for finally getting scary cybermen back), and I can't wait to see how this current story arc is tied up. Bring it on!

    And to the nay-sayers, stop whinging, otherwise they might decide to cancel it!

  32. Well just to start: I loved RTD era I don't hate Moffat's era. I loved 9th and 10th and I love 11th. Now that's out of the way people can't stop saying just because I'm not all over Moffat it's because I'm a Tennant fangirl or whatever else has been said. Seriously pissing me off. Also pissing me off, people saying that those we aren't in love with Season 5 & 6 shouldn't be commenting on a Doctor Who site. What does that have to do with anything? We still love Doctor Who as a whole, and watch episodes. We just haven't loved it as much lately, and that's what comments boards and forums are for; to discuss. Politely so if possible.

    Now, what I don't like about the new seasons is the stories. I don't find them as exciting. I usually forget them and the end is very predictable – whatever Moffat wants to believe. Everybody lives. I liked with RTD how you were not assured of that. Yes it was often a repeated plot but well, I like tragedies and when people cry, die… etc. With Moffat everything is so predictable for me therefor not exciting. I don't find it scary either. They also mostly stay on earth and we don't see that much of outside the box things in my opinion, which again I loved about the other series.
    What I do like about the new era is the humour.
    Also I don't like Amy. Season 5 I loved her but now I just think she's annoying, selfish and as far as character developpent goes she hasn't done any. OH, And I LOVE Karen but girl can't act.
    I do love Rory though. He has grown a lot.
    River, her whole story at first I found very sad and I quite liked it. Now, same with Amy, I just want it to be done and move on. Something just don't work or make sense with what was said before and that's something I can't stand when I watch something. I like to guess and analyse and ask question and I hate when it doesn't add up – especially when it's the main plot arc.
    And don't get me started on Amy and Rory not giving a damn about their kid.

    That's it. But, because I love Doctor Who/its universe, I will keep watching and sometimes it's really good: The Doctor's Wife is the best episode of every series in my opinion.

  33. What I find particularly interesting is the majority of the posts are whinging, they're either whinging about the series or they're whinging about the whiners! Love it!
    Anyway I'm a fan from way back and have fOund something to love about all Doctors.
    I think the 11th Dr is fantastic, he reminds me a lot of the 2nd, who was one of my favorites.
    I'll admit I'm one of the fans who feel a little let down. Now I'm not going to stop watching the show, because I'm a dedicated fan and even though the last two series' have been disappointing, that's not to say they aren't enjoyable nonetheless.
    But I think the reason I feel let down is probably because I was expecting to see some classic Moffat gems which we'd seen in every full series since 2005. As it turned out, Who went in a different direction, hence my disappointment.
    I found season 2 to be rather low key in the quality of most of the scripts (fear her, love and monsters etc) and we were rewarded with some great stories and great series after that. So based on that I think it a little unfair for people to denounce who fans and demand they stop watching. We're all fans, we just disagree on what makes great Who.

  34. I love Doctor Who. Not Tennant. Not Smith. Not Russell T. Davies. Not Steven Moffat. Not William Hartnell. Not C.E. Webber. Not any single era, actor, or showrunner. I love DOCTOR WHO. The show. I love The Doctor. The character. I don't have another mindset about the show and I don't want one. It seems to bring about a rather nasty attitude which can't be any enjoyment and isn't entertainment supposed to keep you entertained? If it no longer does, move on to something else. Take up chess or raquetball or Star Trek or something. Stop complaining Moffat sucks for writing River Song or Russell T. Davies for writing farting aliens or Matthew Jacobs for writing the Doctor as half-human. The good thing about all of that is that if you don't like it, invariably another actor will along to play the Doctor shortly probably along with another head writer. Until then go hang up your hat, have some tea and pipe down.

  35. Again Andrea you post "it's not Doctor Who" well how is it not Doctor Who? Here's my Checklist for "is it Doctor Who"

    1. TARDIS – Check
    2. Time Lord named the Doctor – Check

    The Doctor:
    1. Has Companion(s) – Check
    2. Travels through Time and Space – Check
    3. Fights/Deals with Cybermen, Daleks and all other manor of creatures terrestrial and extra-terrestrial while "trying not to interfere" – Check

    If there is some element to Doctor Who outside of the above what is it? What am I missing that makes Series 5 and 6 "Not Doctor Who?"

  36. I actually liked this episode, very interesting (I also wonder if that is how Galifian's get married, it seemed nice)and better to what i thought (shame about the blue guy).
    All in all I enjoyed it but not all the series 😀 but never mind next series might be better and I may like most of it XD

    here's hoping you all enjoy the show!

  37. those loving rubbish have crappy taste. This crap doesn't qualify as dr who. old dr who was a smart quirky science fiction show. this is Eastenders in space. the little children who like rubbish need to shut-up. its because of their stupidity that this pale imitation of dr who is allowed to exist. the sooner they shut-up and allow the powers that be see what a travesty this show has become the better. they don't like my opinion, then they can kiss my butt! River was as gross as ever. Oh yeah, LOL! Real "strong woman". What kind of "strong woman" has to threaten a man to marry her. And worst what kind of sociopaths are some of the fans to call this sick grotesque so-called "relationship" romantic? uh, morally bankrupted fools who have no clue what real love is. And if they call this gross ugly stalker from hades as badazz and sassy and smart when she is just an insane loser, should be closely watched by the local police. These are clearly disturbed individuals. I feel sorry for those who think that real love has anything to do with this sick, twisted, gross type of "love" which one normally finds on an episode of Jerry Springer.
    The show stinks. more and more fans are slowly starting to wake up and smell the coffee. question is, how long before the fools at the bbc wake up? they seem to be overly concerned with the ratings and not enough concerned by the growing movement of discontented fans who are growing by the minute.


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