The Blogtor Who audio commentaries continue with Doctor Who Series 6, Episode 13, The Wedding of River Song. This audio is designed to play along whilst watching the episode. You can subscribe on iTunes HERE and download it directly HERE or use the player below.

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The Wedding of River Song – What did YOU Think?


  1. As to the "The Doctor wasn't killed" problem, because the Doctor set up the "death" so that his place was taken by the Tesselector. The implication is that it was the Tesselector we saw in The Impossible Astronaut, producing some fancy schmancy special effects to fool Amy, Rory and River into thinking that it was the Doctor beginning to regenerate and then dying.

    Thus the fixed point was actually the Tesselector being destroyed, and time fell apart because River prevented that destruction in the mistaken belief that she would actually be killing the Doctor. The Doctor "marrying" and explaining his plan to River was his way of ensuring that time resumed and his plan continued unhindered.

  2. Thanks to both of you for doing these. A fun accompaniment to the series. Looking forward to the commentaries from the 2005 reboot onwards.

  3. Agree with marinedalek that The Doctor's death was never a fixed point, just the events on the beach. As it was actually a robot all along, the Silence thought they had fixed the doctor's death but had been tricked by the Tesselecta. Time stopped because the point was disrupted when River didn't shoot, but once she shot it it was restored regardless of the doctor actually dying or not. Also, because of that it was River touching the Tesselecta that was needed to return to that point, because it was her and the robot on the beach all along.

  4. Although, the idea of a teensy little Doctor popping out of a fingernail to touch River's arm is hysterically funny, and thanks for that mental image.


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