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Wear Your Doctor Who Fandom with Pride with MoodyBear’s Dr Woof Range!

The Doctor Woof range from MoodyBear. Set of hexagons, each containing a cartoon bear dressed as one of the Doctors
The Doctor Woof range from MoodyBear

The MoodyBear Dr. Woof range of t-shirts and hoodies combines their iconic LGBT Bear design with the world of Doctor Who

This June you can wear your Doctor Who fandom with Pride thanks to the unofficial merchandise from MoodyBear. The LGBT owned retailer has been creating fun mashup designs for over a decade, incorporating their signature ‘Bear’ logo and style. The Whoniverse is just one corner of the multiverse to feature in the MoodyBear line through their creation ‘Dr. Woof.’

Designs are available in sizes from Small to 5XL, in a wide range of colours, and on t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

The range currently includes

  • Dr. Woof Diamond Logo
  • Gallibearean Pride Logo
  • GroupHex Full, with all the first thirteen Doctors in full length poses
  • GroupHex Close Up, with portraits of the first thirteen Doctors
  • The Fifteenth and Maestro
  • The Fifteenth
  • The Thirteenth
  • The Twelfth
  • The Eleventh
  • The Tenth
  • The Ninth
  • The War Doctor
  • The Eighth
  • The Seventh
  • The Sixth
  • The Fifth
  • The Fourth
  • The Third
  • The Second
  • The First

And yes, the observant among you will notice we’ve corrected their mistake in our list. The Bear based on current Doctor Ncuti Gatwa is labelled “The Fourteenth” on their page, presumably because they launched that design before David Tennant’s reborn status was clarified. That title doesn’t appear on the product itself so you’ll be fine.

The Dr. Woof designs are by illustrator and author Glenn Quigley, probably best known for his Moth and Moon novels set in the 17th century of an alternate history of clockwork engineering and pirates and where homophobia never developed.

Other designs in the MoodyBear range include ones based on characters from the worlds of Star Wars and DC and Marvel superheroes, Star Trek, gaming and more. Horror icons are also reborn in Bear form, from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Hellraiser and beyond. Although be aware, not all designs on the MoodyBear site are suitable for all ages.

For a direct link to the Dr Woof range, click here. The range starts at £25 for a standard t-shirt.




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