Eighth Doctor Paul McGann’s award winning performance as a composer with a unique problem is now available on Vimeo

The Eighth Doctor recently managed to surprise us all (again!) with a secret return to the world of Doctor Who. But another of Paul McGann’s most recent projects, the ten minute short film Swallow Your Dreams is now available to watch for free online. McGann won Best Actor at the 2021 Liverpool Film Festival for the drama in which he plays an unfulfilled man. Taking an unusual drug designed to create hyper-realistic lucid dreams, he composes a masterpiece in his sleep. It might be the key to him finally pursuing the career he’s always wanted. But the trouble comes when he attempts to recreate it in the real world…

The film was written and directed by McGann’s fellow Liverpudlian Dan Sloan, and co-stars Amy Bailey (Queen Kwenthrith in Vikings) as the composer’s increasingly concerned wife. The film was a labour of love for the creative team behind it, filming during lockdown at one of the most challenging times the UK film industry has known. It also features a characteristically magnetic performance from McGann, that makes it a must for all his fans to watch.

Check out the official synopsis, and watch the entire short films, below:

Swallow Your Dreams

James (Paul McGann) finds himself the unlikely composer of a beautiful symphony in his dreams, which – at the expense of his marriage – he attempts to re-create in waking life.


Doctor Who fans can next see Paul McGann on our screens in Mia and the Dragon Princess. Currently in post-production, it’s an interactive movie, similar in style to Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Available from platforms like Steam, Mia and the Dragon Princess stars McGann as Walsh, the leader of a group of villains who show up at the pub where Mia works. They’ll stop at nothing to unlock the secrets they’ve come hunting for. Can Mia keep herself, her boss, and the regular bar patrons alive through the night? And what is Walsh really after?


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