Doctor Who fans around the world have been uniting to recreate iconic moments at home.

The Homemade Who project was launched last month to give the Doctor Who community something creative and fun to do while we’ve all been in lockdown.

Celebrating 15 years since the show’s 2005 revival, fans were asked to recreate some of their favourite scenes from the past twelve seasons using whatever they could find in their house.

Videos were received from England, Australia, France, Luxembourg, Argentina, Wales, Germany, Italy, the Philippines, the USA, and New Zealand!

Here’s an epic supercut featuring every clip that’s been sent in so far:

You can also watch all the complete clips on Instagram here.

If you missed out on taking part last month, you’ll be pleased to hear the project has been extended for another month!

So you’ve still got all of May to enter your own clip and be included in the next compilation video.

You could even win a copy of Big Finish’s The Doctor Chronicles: The Eleventh Doctor, worth £29.99!

You can find out more information here and there are loads of great examples to check out on Instagram.

The deadline for entries has now passed.

Have fun and stay safe!


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