Colin Baker and Terry Wogan - Wogan 1986
Colin Baker and Terry Wogan – Wogan 1986

Tributes are pouring in today following the loss of TV and Radio broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan. Sir Terry, originally from Limerick, Ireland started his broadcasting career while in his twenties with RT√Č, Ireland’s national television and radio broadcaster before joining the BBC in 1966 and taking over as presenter on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show in 1972, He remained a popular voice on Radio 1 and 2 during his broadcasting career. as well as a regular face on TV. Where between 1982 and 1992 he presented his very own chat show, ‘Wogan’.

The thrice-weekly show saw some veritable names join him on the sofa from actress Anne Bancroft in a very awkward interview, TV fav Cilla Black, drunken footballer George Best, Hollywood actress Raquel Welch and Doctor Who’s very own 6th Doctor Colin Baker in 1986, making his entrance¬†from the TARDIS. Doctor Who was then in its 23rd year.

A 3-minute clip of the interview is still out there to watch on YouTube. It covers why the TARDIS is a police call box, the US and UK fans, conventions and the show uniqueness.

If you haven’t seen it, enjoy!


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