Do you want to fly the TARDIS?

BBC has released a new game – Doctor Who Time Vortex 360.  This new game designed by Goodboy Digital using HTML5 and WebGL, can be played on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone but it works best on new modern mobile devices.

The games harnesses the built-in accelerometers of smartphones and tablets to control the TARDIS’ path through Time Vortex. You simply twist and turn your phone and the TARDIS moves on your command.  It is a bit more boring in desktop/laptop environment but your mouse will still do the trick.

But the Time Vortex isn’t a safe place. It is full of obstacles, dangerous object and Timelord gates.  You’ll also have to pick up a few bits and pieces of Argon energy to keep the TARDIS flying.

BBC has released a taster that will be available to play free for the next 6 months.  So just drop over their website and have some fun.

Let us know your score!




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