US show Today featured a set visit from Meredith Vieira (who is due to appear in an upcoming episode as a newsreader) featuring interviews with Alex Kingston and Matt Smith – see her report in the players included here.

The clip above includes SPOILERS for an upcoming episode

REVIEW: The Doctor’s Wife [SPOILER~FREE]
The Curse of the Black Spot – Audio Commentary
Matt Smith interview
Karen Gillan on Paul O’Grady Live


  1. Haven't watched it… but am I wrong it's a bit odd for there to be spoilers for episode 13 being given out this early in the game given how tightlipped they normally are about future stories?

  2. Without saying too much, the Today Show gave away the setting, monsters, and returning characters that will feature in Episode Thirteen. The revelation of the setting and characters confirms people's suspicions about a big upcoming plot detail. It's one I saw coming, but many people would like to be surprised. Watch at your own risk.

  3. Thanks for the reply– I will definitely avoid watching based on your clip, though I imagine the details will be hard to avoid between now and when we finally get to ep 13. So it sounds like it is, like I thought, pretty strange/uncharacteristic for them to be casually throwing these details out there. Moffat seemed pretty unconcerned when asked about it on Twitter though, so who knows?

  4. If Moffat isn't concerned about these spoilers, then I'm betting that there is a lot more to Ep13 than is evident here… which is good!

  5. This kills a piece of my soul. I've never like Meredith. She doesn't care about 75% of the things she reports on. Katy might not have always been 'interested' but she'd do her research and would've found something to like about it other than just doing the job. ugh. Meredith Viera has been in the TARDIS and haven't. What fresh hell is this?


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