The cast of Class made their New York debut at the NYCC this past weekend and were super, Super hyped to be there. And here is video proof from BBC America.

The Madison Square Garden panel featured stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah along with writer Patrick Ness and Executive Producer Brian Minchin.

The panel also featured the first trailer for the new young adult show. The 30-second film had the requisite amount of scary creatures and exciting special effects, all narrated by the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, in his most commanding tones. A second and slightly longer one was released online shortly after.

The team were positively thrilled to be in New York premiering the show. Greg Austin declared, “I’m super super hyped to be here!”

Doctor Who

The audience loved hearing from the young cast, especially when they all proclaimed their love for Doctor Who. The cast filmed in the same studio in Wales as Doctor Who and the young cast would sneak into the prop closets to see Daleks up close. Actress Sophie Hawkins called the experience “surreal.” The cast cited favourites as Martha Jones, the TARDIS, David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, and they were all happy to meet Pearl Mackie, who plays the Doctor’s new companion, Bill.


Up until now, news on the new 8-part show had been very thin on the ground but that wasn’t just for the viewing public. The cast also revealed that they were not allowed to discuss the scripts, the show, or even that they had been cast. Actress Vivian Oparah waited so long for an audition that she forgot what the show was about. When the actors were all cast, they only got to see one script at a time, so they had no idea what was next in store for them at Coal Hill Academy.

Coal Hill has been a mainstay in Doctor Who lore from the first series (it was the school Susan attended) to the place where Clara met Danny Pink. And what about Coal Hill’s most recent mysteriously absent teacher? Clara’s disappearance will be referenced in episode 1.


When asked if the show would feature cameos, writer Ness put it crudely but effectively: “Cameo appearances are like penises. If you put it in a scene, it’s all anyone will see.” In other words, there won’t be a lot of cameos. But there would certainly be plenty of monsters as the show’s creator Patrick Ness stated, “I had eight episodes to make monsters and I ran with it.”





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