Peter Capaldi - Lorraine's 60 Second Cereal
Peter Capaldi – Lorraine’s 60 Second Cereal

The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, just appeared today on Lorraine Kelly’s popular lifestyle show on ITV1. Each episode of Lorraine has a celebrity filming a 60 Second Cereal piece, and Capaldi was up for the challenge. Capaldi filmed a predictably hilarious 60 Second Cereal spot to answer some probing inquiries.  Capaldi begins by pouring himself a heaping bowl of Kelly’s Krispies, and settles in with the questions.

One viewer asked, “When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?” “1973,” Capaldi promptly answers, although some viewers may suspect that the 24 year long night on Darilium may also count. Next up: a question about a dream dinner party. Capaldi crumples the question up, and in typical Doctor no-nonsense fashion, tosses it away. The question, intones Capaldi, is simply asked too often. He handles the dull question decisively and with the greatest humour.

A viewer asks, ‘who is the most famous person in your contacts?’ Watch to see Capaldi pause, think about the question and the implications of answering it, and see how he solves the problem. He also decides who would play himself in a movie about himself – obviously, himself!

Final question: what do you wear in bed? An intriguing question when the Doctor in question is not known to sleep.

The video is a good laugh, of course, and Capaldi was as friendly and natural as he was during his video last year thanking fans for their birthday wishes.


  1. The video was also unavailable to Australians. It says it’s private … 🙁 But thank you for providing some details about the interview 🙂


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