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Video of the Day – Doctor Who: Tom Baker’s First Season, 2018

Regeneration, Sontarans, Davros, Daleks and Cybermen! What happens in Tom Baker's first season as the Fourth Doctor?


  1. I am glad in billions of ways the original script for the Tom Baker Cyberman story originally titled Return of the Cybermen is coming out on audio which is superb and also having read the late Gerry Davis,s original storyline it is billions of times better than the broadcast story Revenge of the Cybermen which was a pile of crap sorry to say it. The original script had the Cybermen better portrayed and also Voga the planet of gold was in episode 3 only and Voga was inhabited by human, gold prospectors who were trapped on the planet for 25 years and also in the original version the Cybermen were smuggled aboard the spaceship before the start of the story like they were in their later story Earthshock with dr 5 and also in the original script for Return of the Cybermen the Cybermen were defeated by the gold which was loaded into the Cybermats and I am also happy that Elizabeth Sladen,s daughter Sadie is recreating her late mother,s role of Sarah Sadie looks similar in face to her mother and Sadie is beautiful and I am also pleased Harry is been recast too by an actor called Chris Naylor I will buy this cd when it comes out next year in 2021 and listen to it. I wish we had got this original script for the television versionand not the balsted ghastly rewritten version Revenge of the Cybermen also the original version had no bloody vogans no skystriker rocket and no Cyberbombs either .


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