Series 12 has finished filming, ready for broadcast early next year

The BBC have announced on Twitter and Facebook that filming of Series 12 has now completed. They’ve also included a short video from the year long shoot, showing new footage of the cast and crew on set and on location.

The short video emphasizes the same clear sense of fun and humour between the cast that was so obvious in Series 11. And the laughter of Whittaker, Walsh, Gill and Cole appears to be as infectious as ever. It also features slates featuring the names of recently announced directors Emma Sullivan and Nada Manzoor.

Sullivan and Manzoor are also joined by Lee Haven Jones and Jamie Stone on Series 12. Meanwhile the scripts have been provided by Chris Chibnall, Maxine Alderton, Ed Hime, Charlene James, Pete McTighe, Nina Metivier, and Vinay Patel.

In line with the team’s approach to Series 11, we still now virtually nothing about guest stars or returning monsters for next season. The new video doesn’t shed any more light on it, other than the usual Who filming mix of darkened chambers, TARDIS console room, what looks possibly like a school classroom, and rain… lots of rain.

One thing we do know is that the Judoon will be back and apparently menacing the people of Gloucester.

Series 12 began shooting in November 2018 and this wrap date signifies almost a whole year of filming. We won’t see broadcast until early next year, but we do know the next big Series 12 news from the Doctor Who team will be this Saturday. Teaser videos marked ‘Series 12’ and ‘23.11.19’ suggesting some new announcement or even trailer may drop that day. A day, of course, which is also Doctor Who’s 56th anniversary. Blogtor Who will be standing ready to keep you bang up to date when all is revealed.

Until then… watch this space.


Doctor Who returns with Series 12 in early 2020, starring Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Mandip Gill (Yaz), Bradley Walsh (Graham) and Tosin Cole (Ryan)



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