Doctor Who Series 9 Part 2 DVD - US Cover
Doctor Who Series 9 Part 2 DVD – US Cover

Part 2 of Doctor Who series 9 starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is now available in US. This addition covers episodes 7-12 and includes four exclusive extra features.

Product Description

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman star in the epic conclusion to the ninth series of DOCTOR WHO. Despite the danger that seems to lurk around every corner, the Doctor and Clara are still relishing all that time and space has to offer them. But the clock is ticking and Zygons aren’t the only threat they’ll be facing as they embark on their biggest adventures yet.

Episodes included are…..

  • The Zygon Invasion
  • The Zygon Inversion
  • Sleep No More
  • Face The Raven
  • Heaven Sent
  • Hell Bent

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Doctor Who Series 9 Part 2 - Blu-ray US Cover
Doctor Who Series 9 Part 2 – Blu-ray US Cover


  1. Although that’s a great (if extremely spoilery) image, I would much rather they had used the image of the Doctor and Clara from the UK version. But it’s better than the awful, awful, awful choice of image the US version of Part 1 had. I wonder if BBC Worldwide wasn’t able to set a deal on using Jenna Coleman’s image for these? Anyway, I’m passing on this one since the full Series 9 set is just around the corner and as far as I understand there’s nothing in this set (or part 1) that isn’t included. Ditto for the Husbands of River Song release.


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