Long-running “quiz” show University Challenge featured a round on the Doctor Who theme tune earlier this evening on BBC Two. See the questions and answers in the player below.


  1. what's the 'x was that really the colin baker version' tag about? It was his music from the Trial of a Timelord season if that's what it's referring to.

  2. The Trial version is my least favourite and considering the allegedly fine quality of all the Murray Gold revisions and the Keff McCulloch version, that's really saying something.

  3. my least fave is the eighth doctors and the sevenths (though I've starting to warm to that one). My faves being the original, the howell mix and the newest murray gold one. wasn't that keen on his 9th/10th doc theme but i bloody love the 11th's theme and play it an obscenely high amount on winamp and is my alarm clock sound (the energy of the tune really gets me up and ready for the day's 'adventures') 😀

  4. forgot to say that as well as the 11th doc theme being my alarm clock, the howell version (is it ok to say that's the fifth doc theme even though it was the fourth's last series one, and sorta the sixth doc?) is my ringtone/text message tone. I originally had the very first theme as the text message tone but getting woke up at 3am by a random text from a friend and hearing the original tune as if from nowhere in the dark is actually pretty creepy.


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