The UNIT era begins at Candy Jar Books with The Vaughn Identity, a sequel to The Invasion

These days UNIT defends the Earth from their high rise headquarters commanding the London skyline. But Candy Jar Books’ new UNIT range takes fans right back to their very earliest days. And the first book in the series, The Vaughn Identity by Tim Gambrell, picks up the pieces after the very first UNIT story in Doctor Who: The Invasion.

The invasion is over. UNIT has received its baptism of fire. However, the events have left the British government licking its wounds and looking for a scapegoat. UNIT is licking its wounds, also.

The Doctor has vanished, to the annoyance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and the organisation still lacks a scientific advisor. Maybe the introduction of Major Branwell will help ease the pressure.

Meanwhile, life is seemingly good for Isobel Watkins, snapping away with her little black box and loved-up with her dolly soldier, Captain Turner. Not so her uncle, whose involvement with International Electromatics appears to have left him black-listed by the scientific community.

But some of the victims of the recent invasion may not be as dead as originally believed. Such as Tobias Vaughn himself.

With pressure from the government on one side and key people disappearing on the other, the Brigadier and his trusty team find themselves battling the odds once again to protect the world.

And just what is Tobias Vaughn’s secret?

Featuring the UNIT team and other characters from The Invasion, plus characters from The Web of Fear, The Vaughn Identity is a direct sequel to The Invasion and the first of Candy Jar’s new UNIT range of novels. A paperback edition of The Vaughn Identity is up for pre-order now. You can also pre-order the limited edition hardback, packed with an exclusive art card and new Benton Files book, directly from Candy Jar Books.



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