In a busy time for Doctor Who fans, BBC Books have released a reference book entitled, Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide. It’s priced £15.99 and is available now. Here’s the synopsis:
With The Ultimate Monster Guide, Doctor Who historian JUSTIN RICHARDS has created the most comprehensive guide to the Doctor’s enemies ever published. With fully-illustrated entries that cover everything from ADIPOSE and AUTONS to ZARBI and ZYGONS this guide tells you everything you need to know about the many dastardly creatures the Doctor has fought since he first appeared on television.

Featuring a wealth of material from the current and classic series, the Guide also includes behind-the-scenes secrets of how the monsters were created, as well as design drawings and images. Find out how the CYBERMEN were redesigned over the years, and how DAVROS was resurrected to lead his DALEKS once again. Discover the computer magic that made the BEAST possible, and the make-up wizardry that created the WEEPING ANGELS. Learn how many incarnations of THE MASTER the Doctor has encountered, and which other misguided Time Lords he has defeated…

Lavishly designed with photos and artwork throughout, The Ultimate Monster Guide is essential reading for all travellers in time and space!

Thanks to BBC Books


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