A new appeal is raising funds for humanitarian aid for Ukraine in honour of Doctor Who star Stewart Bevan, who died last month

The Welsh actor Stewart Bevan was an actor whose place in Doctor Who history belies his relatively few episodes. Partly this is because he was the principle guest star in one of the most beloved Doctor Who stories of all time – The Green Death. And partly because his character, Professor Clifford Jones, stole the affections of the Doctor’s companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning). Their storyline formed one of the show’s sweetest and most convincing departure stories. But mostly it was because of his brilliance as an actor in the role. And because his thorough decency as a human being shone through in all his interviews, writings, and personal appearances.


Stewart Bevan as Professor Jones opposite Jon Pertwee's Doctor in The Green Death (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
Stewart Bevan as Professor Jones opposite Jon Pertwee’s Doctor in The Green Death (c) BBC Studios

The fundraising will also create a memorial peace bench dedicated to Bevan

Bevan died at the age of 73 last month. Unfortunately, his one wish of donating his body to science couldn’t be fulfilled, and his family have decided the best way to honour him and his legacy is to raise funds to Ukraine in his name. The family have set up a GoFundMe page which with a target of £12,000. At time of writing, they have achieved £2,433 towards that goal. The money raised will cover the expense of Bevan’s cremation, a memorial bench dedicated to peace in his name, and the balance sent to Ukraine as humanitarian aid via the Choose Love charity.

Since 2014 Russia has occupied the Crimea region Ukraine despite international condemnation. On the 21st of February 2022, the day after Stewart Bevan’s death, Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered troops to attack and take over the whole of Ukraine’s territory. In the weeks since those invaders have faced implacable resistance from a resolute Ukrainian people determined to maintain their freedom. Since 2014 an estimated 50,000 deaths have resulted from the Russian campaign. And in the two weeks since this new offensive began, two million Ukrainians have fled their homeland as refugees. Even more are now homeless as Putin’s forces continue to bomb and shell residential areas. In short, it’s the greatest humanitarian crisis Europe has faced in seventy-five years. Donations to Choose Love via the Stewart Bevan Memorial appeal will help alleviate the suffering of those fleeing the invasion. It will also aid those choosing to stay behind.


Bevan had returned as Professor Jones in recent years in a series of shorts on the Blu-ray Collection (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who
Bevan had returned as Professor Jones in recent years in a series of shorts on the Blu-ray Collection, battling Autons and giant maggots alongside Jo (c) BBC Studios

Like his Doctor Who character, Bevan was an active campaigner, passionate about human rights

Stewart’s daughter, Wendy Bevan, describes the campaign, “Given the current state of the world with the crisis in Ukraine, we feel the next best possible thing we could do in memory of who he was, is to create a donation fund in Stewart’s honour to offer support to those affected by the war.

We are working closely with the Go Fund Me team to ensure awareness is built around our campaign. Much like his character in Doctor Who, Stewart was an active campaigner, extremely passionate about human rights, he supported the long term education of several children in third world countries and regularly donated to several humanitarian charities throughout his life.

We are asking friends, family and fans to donate to this fund and respond swiftly.

We really want to help as much as we can and make a difference with the legacy that my father, Stewart leaves behind.”

You can donate to this very worthy cause through the GoFundMe page.


  1. Thank you for writing this. The fund is still open should anyone want to donate, we are grateful for any contributions and support from the DW community.


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