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Twitch TV Presents A Classic Doctor Who Marathon

Classic Doctor Who
Classic Doctor Who

Classic Doctor Who fans who are desperate to relive those episodes of yore, an opportunity is on the horizon. Twitch has an awesome event coming up that will allow fans the chance to catch episodes from each season from 1963 up to the final episodes in 1989.

Collecting the classic Doctor Who DVDs is difficult, especially for new fans. You may have a solid collection but most of us can’t boast a complete collection. Many fans in the United States and Canada are able to subscribe to the excellent Britbox but, for the rest of the world, there’s no other way to stream or collect each story.

Starting May 29th Twitch TV will be presenting 8 hours worth of content a day of the original run of Doctor Who. The catalogue will include over 500 episodes and will cover every Doctor from William Hartnell’s ‘An Unearthly Child’ to Sylvester McCoy’s ‘Survival’.

The run will last for 7 weeks, concluding on July 23rd with blocks of episodes being aired three times a day. Oh, and it’s free! Worldwide!

There’s more, including prizes!

On top of all these episodes, there’s more going on than simply loads of great TV. For subscribers to the Twitchpresents channel there will be classic Doctor Who themed emojis. Not into emojis (of course you are, they’re Doctor Who emojis)? There will also be weekly prizes for fans in the UK, US and Canada. Twitch is hosting a weekly giveaway with the grand prize being a trip to the London Comic-Con! Full terms and conditions here.

A pre-show hosted by Yogscast will include exclusive specials including introductions of each era – behind the scenes stories – highs and lows and more. These events will be hosted by Doctor Who screenwriters, fans, experts and a former companion!

There’s more than enough reason to tune into this incredible event hosted by Twitch TV. Check out the website here for more information including scheduling and sweepstakes.



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