Action figure producers Biff Bang Pow have been chatting about their license to produce a Twelfth Doctor action figure. As soon as the announcement was made of the new actor to play the Time Lord, a sculpt was made of Peter Capaldi’s head (see above pic). The company are now awaiting further information – such as hair colour (will he be ginger perhaps?), facial hair (evil goatee perhaps?) and full costume – before approval from the BBC. The company estimate the figure will be available in May 2014.

Read their full news post about the figure HERE.

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  1. That is freakin' AWESOME – look at the deatil! Wow 🙂

    But I wanna see a costume, dammit!! Matt Smith was a younger man in old-fashioned clothes, will Peter Capaldi be an older man in young people clothes? Skinny jeans and Justin Bieber shirt, perhaps? 😉

  2. Thanks a great 'Time Lord' bust, with a definite air of the higher Gallifreyans. Capaldi's debut is hotly anticipated.

  3. It would be cool if he was ginger and also I think he should wear something like a white button up shirt and dress pants modern but geeky like all the doctors clothes

  4. Cool, but aren't they getting a little ahead of themselves? I mean, if we believe everything Moffat has said (and I know some fans don't), Smith will get his last hurrah in the Christmas special. If things stick to recent tradition (which they don't necessarily have to), we'll end up having Capaldi appear in the final minute or two of that episode, most likely in some version of Smith's costume (or remains of that costume depending on how violent the regeneration is).

    And then the 2014 season supposedly doesn't begin until sometime that fall, which based on recent patterns, would be Capaldi's first full episode and the time at which he figures out his new look. Are they going to show off the new look before the fall…? Or will the May action figure be Capaldi's version of the "raggedy Doctor" in parts of Smith's costume?

  5. The detail is good I was hopeing that Capaldi would keep the curly hair for the new Doctor, if that is the way Moffat is seeing the 12th Doctor it's likely that this Doctor will be well groomed smartly dressed this time round.


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