Doctor Who’s former Ryan Sinclair, Tosin Cole, stars in two new films arriving in UK cinemas this month

Former Doctor Who companion Tosin Cole has two very different films out this month: Till and House Party. Till is first, in cinemas now, which sees the actor revisit familiar territory. It shares its 1950s American South setting with the Doctor Who episode Rosa, in which Cole’s Ryan and the rest of the Fam tried to stop the history of Rosa Parks being changed. That episode even referenced the then recent murder of teenager Emmet Till by white supremacists. And Till focuses on the aftermath of that murder, and the campaign by Till’s mother (Danielle Deadwyler) to gain justice. Cole features as the real life civil activist Medgar Evers who himself becomes a target when he investigates the murder.


Then later this month Cole takes centre stage for a very different role and film. House Party arrives in American cinemas on the 13th of January, before opening in the UK on the 30th. A 18s rated reboot of the classic 1980s comedy movie which starred Kid’N’Play, the new House Party follows two life long friends Damon (Cole) and Kevin (Jacob Latimore) as they try to cash in by hosting the party to end all parties. The problem? It’s not really their house.

Working as part-time cleaners they discover their new job is cleaning the luxurious mansion of basketball star LeBron James. Desperate for money, they embark on a get rich quick scheme by using his house as their own. But can they both stay ahead of the people they own money to, and get away with holding the party? Most importantly, how much of the house is going to survive the night?

Till is in UK cinemas now, and House Party opens across the UK on the 30th of January


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