Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd to make directorial debut in fourth series of hit Welsh web show, Twisted Showcase

Twisted Showcase is back for Series 4. The Guardian top 25 Web TV show, the only British independent to be listed alongside names such as Joss Whedon, David Lynch, John Woo and Seth Macfarlane, returns darker and more twisted than ever, with its fourth and by far biggest series.


Be My Head

The series begins on October 3rd with the disturbing and blackly comic Be My Head which features Gareth David Lloyd (Torchwood) and Mark Fleischmann (Wolfblood, Being Human). Be My Head is the directorial debut of Gareth David Lloyd who said, “Twisted Showcase is an important platform for young writers and directors. It’s a pleasure and a duty for me to support independent web drama like Twisted Showcase. It has done for me what it has done to other writers and directors at the beginning of their careers by helping me take that first vital step.”

Be My Head concerns Lucifer Jones, a man consumed by grief after a devastating tragedy. Lucifer is shown a way out of his predicament by Godfrey Cavendish, a man with a very interesting machine, and motivation for using it. It’s a terrifying, intense and blackly comic examination of the grieving process, and it’s not to be missed when it arrives online on Tuesday 3rd October at

Muscle Memory

The series continues each week with a whole new stand alone twisted tale. Muscle Memory is from the pen of BAFTA winning writer and creator of Wolfblood, Debbie Moon. Muscle Memory is a body horror that takes place during a massage where secrets linked to certain muscles of the body are brought out and confronted and dealt with in horrific ways. It stars Rachel Teate (Wolfblood) and Jo Ellis.

Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf) returns as a call centre worker in the future for an initiative called The No Hotline. Sarah Louise Madison (Doctor Who) returns alongside Stephen Aintree(Little Britain) for the heartbreaking love story between an aged man who believes he’s a teenager and his girlfriend who saw him only a day ago at the age he is supposed to be.

There are also episodes which utilise the beautiful vistas of North Wales – the dark and disturbing Valley Below was filmed upon the Horseshoe Pass in Llangollen.

Rachel Teate also stars in the closing episode when she goes to see a Fortune Teller, but what her future unearths is far worse than any reading that’s ever been done before.



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