In case you weren’t aware Twitch TV has been airing a Classic Doctor Who marathon featuring every Doctor from William Hartnell’s ‘An Unearthly Child’ to Sylvester McCoy’s ‘Survival’. 

Fans were able to catch every available story from 1963 to 1989.  The event has that started this May has been a stellar success.  So much so, that now Torchwood will receive the Twitch TV treatment.

All episodes of the Doctor Who spinoff series, will air in succession each Sunday.  The marathon starts with series 1 on 15th July, followed by series 2 on 22nd July, and the beautiful but painful mini-series, Children of Earth on the 29th. The event concludes on the 2nd August with Miracle Day.

Torchwood first burst onto our screens on 22 October 2006. Although set in the universe of Doctor Who, it remains an original series in its own right. Deliberately adult, it is not merely ‘Doctor Who with blood and swearing’. Grounded in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, the show embraced its surroundings. Arguably what made it successful and so refreshing was that it was not only British science fiction but Welsh.

Created by Russell T. Davies, Torchwood, the series, starring John Barrowman as the man who could not die, former Time Agent and Doctor’ Companion, Captain John Barrowman.  He was paired with two distinctly Welsh actors, Eve Myles who portrayed Gwen Cooper and Gareth David-Lloyd who played the distinctive Ianto Jones.  Also starring in the series were the brilliant but creepy Owen Harper (Burn Gorman), and the brilliantly Toshiko Sato (Naoki Mori).

‘Everything Changes’ still remains one of the best openings to a television series ever. It neatly introduces the Torchwood team and gives an indication of their personalities without dwelling or lingering on background material. From the very start, it is full of humour, drama and intrigue.  Within the first 3-minutes, the ‘F’ bomb is dropped. This was a deliberate move from Russell T Davies to make it entirely clear what this show was and the audience it was intended for. To emphasise these points further, there would later be a bloody death and a bullet to the skull of a lead character…

We are sure that Torchwood on Twitch TV will be an event to remember, so join into to chat alongside thousands of other fans every Sunday starting at 10am PDT / 6pm BST on TwitchPresents.


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