The final Torchwood adventure of 2020 is released today. It’s a chilling tale of supernatural incursion, psychic phenomena and sovereign subterfuge


The Crown, starring Rowena Cooper, is a magnificent tribute to MR James’s Ghost Stories for Christmas. A mad old lady in an asylum claims to be Queen Victoria, telling the story of a cursed crown. This atmospheric hour-long, full-cast audio drama is the latest in Big Finish’s range dedicated to the Doctor Who spin-off. It depicts the early foundations of Torchwood, the royal institute for protecting the British Empire against alien threats. It co-stars Derek Riddell (Sir Robert in Tooth and Claw), Gwyneth Keyworth (Black Mirror) and Big Finish newcomer Jonathan Blaydon.


Jonathan Braydon ,Rowena Cooper, and Derek Riddell at the recording of The Crown (c) Big Finish Productions Torchwood Doctor Who Queen Victoria
Jonathan Braydon ,Rowena Cooper, and Derek Riddell at the recording of The Crown (c) Big Finish Productions

The Crown is the third in the Victoria Trilogy about the complicated, difficult monarch

Torchwood producer James Goss explains The Crown is the third part of our celebration of Queen Victoria’s bicentenary.” The trilogy has explored the earliest days of the Torchwood Institute through the eyes of its founder. “I’m so proud that we’ve now filled in the minutiae of how Victorian Torchwood ran but without ever sitting down and spelling it out. I’m also really pleased that Queen Victoria comes across as the complicated, difficult creature she was in real life rather than a sweet old lady.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Barnes, writer of The Crown, says this episode looks at Victoria from a another angle. “It’s a story about Queen Victoria but this time it’s told from a different point of view. Dr Gideon Parr is one of the most brilliant minds of his age – a celebrated alienist with a willingness to accept the impossible.

“There are wonderful performances from all of the cast, with Rowena Cooper being simply magisterial. It’s all very skillfully marshalled by director Lisa Bowerman and I’m delighted that it’s going to be the December release from this range. It should be perfect to listen to on Christmas Eve when the fire’s banked high and the rain is tapping at the window…”


Torchwood: The Crown. Cover by Lee Binding (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Queen Victoria Rowena Cooper
Torchwood: The Crown. Cover by Lee Binding (c) Big Finish Productions

Torchwood: The Crown

The Ferryman stands in shadow and waits.

The Ferryman giggles, hungers and hates.

The Ferryman comes to carry away

All who behold the crown and disobey.

Christmas Eve. Dr Gideon Parr is summoned to an asylum to check on a patient. A patient who claims to be haunted by a terrible curse. A patient who claims to be Queen Victoria.


Torchwood: The Crown is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD (at £10.99 each) or digital download (at £8.99 each), exclusively from the Big Finish website.

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Subscribers to the Big Finish Torchwood range can save money by pre-ordering a bundle of stories. A six-release bundle is £60 on CD or £50 on download – or save even more money by ordering all twelve of the latest Torchwood releases together at £110 on CD or £94 on download.



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