Toshiko Sato stars in Drive, the new monthly Torchwood audio adventure released today.  The adventure is also the first production experience for Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook and directed by Lisa Bowerman, as Big Finish continues its support of women creatives in their various series.

Accompany Naoko Mori is joined by Taylor Jay-Davies (How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Great Expectations), Suzanne Packer (Casualty, The Pembrokeshire Murders) and Robert Wilfort (Gavin and Stacey, The Crown) in a fast-paced chase around the streets of Cardiff.

Producer Emily Cook said: “Excitingly, Torchwood: Drive is my very first Big Finish production to be released! I am thrilled with how it’s turned out (kudos to the entire creative team!) and hope fans enjoy listening to this audio adventure as much as we enjoyed making it.

“Tosh takes centre stage in Drive, accompanied in her investigations by the best taxi driver in Cardiff, Fawzia, played by the marvellous Suzanne Packer. It was a delight to welcome Suzanne to the world of Torchwood. Fawzia is a character we all fell in love with and Suzanne brought her to life perfectly and brilliantly.”

Cook also produced the online Lockdown Twitter watch along over the past year that featured such alumni as Russell T Davis, Steven Moffat, David Tennant, Catherine Tate and many more.  Blogtor Who is

Director Lisa Bowerman agreed: “I love scripts that have a lot of atmosphere, whether it be fog or rain…it really, really works! And I personally love the humanity of this particular script; there are some lovely relationships. We’re so used to Tosh being an outsider in these things, and the fact that she’s built up this wonderful relationship with Fawzia is lovely.”

Naoko Mori (c) Big Finish
Naoko Mori (c) Big Finish

Naoko Mori added: “The minute I heard Suzanne I was like ‘There she is! That’s Fawzia!’ And I think everyone needs a Fawzia. Certainly Tosh, especially her! It was lovely for her to get out of the hub and have an adventure on her own, and also to come across someone so warm. It’s lovely for her to have that kind of bond.”

Torchwood: Drive is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD (at £10.99) or digital download (at £8.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.


They know everything about Cardiff – they hear the city’s secrets, they move between its hidden places, they understand its nightmares. And they’re the people you turn to if you’re in trouble. They are taxi drivers.

Toshiko Sato, wounded and desperate, wakes up in the back of a cab. She’s got one night to save the city, and the meter’s running.

  • Director: Lisa Bowerman
  • Producer: Emily Cook
  • Script Editor/Range Producer: James Goss
  • Senior Producer: David Richardson
  • Written by: David Llewellyn
  • Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery





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