Now that all ten episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day have aired (in some parts of the world anyway), here’s your chance to leave your thoughts on the series. Use the comments section below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t seen the final episode then be warned, there could be spoilers in there!

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  1. While I liked the ambition of taking a story over a 10-part series, I really think they tried to add too much in, and didn't answer enough questions.

    Some good things explored were the moral and social questions about death and how to deal with it, but that was mostly done by the third and fourth episodes. The plot about FBI moles and the whole "we're everywhere" implication, has been done before (X-Files, ST:DS9) and has been able to be developed on a better scale than here.

    The Angelo plot-line added very little except only as a way to crowbar in the one shot of the origin of the three families, yet it took up about two who episodes to do so.

    The finale didn't explain much, and what happened to Rex was – from my perspective – rather predictable.

    I hope that the next series doesn't pick up where this one left off, because I don't think I have the interest to watch another 10 episodes about the same subject matter.

    I guess from this it sounds like I didn't like it much, but I did – it's just that there was so much time to have done something more focused and more satisfying.

  2. It's been no Children of Earth. But theres no doubt that because it has been so LONG that we have grown to like charatcers, it did take some time though.
    All in all it has been full of brilliant ideas about a fictional world based on the state of our world now.
    Russell has been doing this ever since he wrote Dr Who eps about humans killing, trapping and experimenting on aliens. Relating fiction with reality and Miracle Day did this perfectly. Every episode we'd see some new devlopments in how the earth's people were taking this problem. From loud TV spokesmen to the 'overflow camps'.
    But character wise, the most likable was and still seems to be the pedo from Casper.
    Actually I like Rhys, and maybe Gwen. and Rex has grown on me. But still, Jack just feels like an awkward blob of nothing that could be important to the story but I'd kinda wish he was not. He seems too chirpy, and less mysterious. Characters and audience looked up to him in the previous series. Now I just see him as the extra Torchwood guy who trys to throw in a clever line every now and then just to make sure everyone still knows he's the top guy.
    But its something to watch and it is better than most stuff and sometimes even exciting!

    I do like how it is really long though. I don't know why but thats a nice thing for me.

    Going to wait till next week when Torchwood is aired in UK to watch. the final ep.

  3. the thing i enjoy about each torchwood series is how very different they are. this one was no exception, i laughed, felt really sad and shouted at the spies! the ending was the best part, that final 20 minutes was amazing and i think rex's story would be a gr8 one to follow.
    jo x

  4. I loved every episode, I just feel like with Ianto and Owen etc. they make us fall in love with these characters only to kill them off, and I know RTD says when the stakes are high people loose their lives. But I REALLY loved Esther and would have loved to seen her in more episodes. If there are any lol.

    Still love Torchwood.

  5. That was quite weird – the final episode that I just watched. I liked Jack finally doing something – not just sitting on his pretty bum while Gwen behaves like a superhero. I like Jack immortal again, was relieved to see that. But what happened to Rex… please, tell me, no studio is planning to make a Rex-centred spin-off or a Gwen-centered one. Nothing personal, but without Jack the whole idea of Torchwood is overall meaningless. I loved DW references, loved the plotline and the scale. But the whole tendency of the series disturbs me, really.

  6. While I honestly feel a skilled editor could squeeze the content down into a 5 episode series, the storyline, while sometimes flagging pace wise, was good enough to keep me coming back every week.

    As for the finale, it was truly brilliant, perhaps the co-writing with JE allowed RTD to craft one of the best finales I have seen him produce over the recent years.

    TorchwooD : Plan B, please hurry along.

  7. JO and Joel do a good job of summing it up for me. I quite enjoyed the series, found RTD did a bit too good of a job with Danes, was hard not to like him throughout, but his culmination was sufficiently off-putting to make up for it.
    Rex…… damn, that's gonna be fun.
    Esther is Ianto Is Owen and Tosh. And for that I give RTD two big middle fingers of Damn you sir. But in a good way.
    Were good chunks predictable? Certainly, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

    And to others who grouse about how RTD made Jack into a Doctor Wannabe, especially with some key lines at the end: First, he wrote the lines and can reuse them if he likes; and Second, Jack wanting to be the Doctor is exactly right, hence the lines.

    A nice 10 week experience IMO

  8. I stopped watching while ep. 5, beause to me this is no longer Torchwood. What Torchwood was, to me, was … well, british. It had some …flair, that was just different from american shows. And this series ruined it all.

    Before watching this, I even liked Mekhi Phifer, but in TW I learned to hate him.
    Not even John Barrowman could save this series. The first eps I really was worried about Jack, suffered with him, when he got injured, but it all became just …well, boring. And I am so tired of a whole series just being one big plot. I want single episodes with different enemies just like in series 1+2. They should have known, that a series just focussing on one plot is crap, since all the x-files-stuff, when Mulder just was hunting the same enemy all week. But no. 10 years later, different show, same mistake.

    If there will be another series, I won't watch it. First I thought 'Without Ianto = Without me', but then I gave it a chance. Waste of time.
    I would only watch it, if they would go back to Cardiff – for good! And if they would find a way, to get Ianto back. Even if it's not our Ianto, but one from a parallel universe. The show lost it's heart, when Ianto died and RTD obviously can't give Torchwood a new kind of charme, so he should go back, to what he had. A great show, with a great team, in a great city, and something different than all this american crap of shows that is shown ( at least in Germany. TW and Hustle were the only british shows over here … ).

  9. LOVED IT!! Great ending but I was REALLY sad when Esther died! The twist at the end with Rex was very unexpected!

  10. I've enjoyed it a lot, but still, nothing like Children of Earth. That one was brilliant. This have been just good. I hope there is a fifth series, but it would be great if it was just a BBC production again. More for the whovians and less for the general public.
    I'm also a bit disapointed about Rex becoming immortal. Jack has to be special, the main character. If Rex is like Jack, then, what's the point?
    But anyway I liked it. And the idea about what happens when no one dies is good. But I expected a better way of solve the problem.

  11. Anyone else find it really ironic that, given it was about no one being able to die, only TWO of the new characters were still alive at the end?

  12. Complete rubbish.

    So disappointed with the series since it went American, and to top it off, the music has got worse. Torchwood has been murdered 🙁

  13. A bit gutted, I was really looking forward to this series, it looked promising. I've spent the last few weeks wasting my time, hoping it would improve, only to receive this drivile the BBC seem fit to broadcast.

  14. It was a compelling story, I thought they suffered from a lack of direction, which I have a feeling fell on Starz as we know RTD is completely capable of telling an overarching story. I think if they'd taken out the unnecessary it would have ended up a great 8 episode series.

    Judging from the latest reactions it also suffered from having extra high expectations.

  15. The story arc was way too long. It could have been done in 5 episodes.
    Or better yet it should have been woven into regular episodic stories then the final 3 episodes focus on the big pay off. I think I'm the only person completely sick of Jack. Let's face it, every time Torchwood gets in major trouble, it'a because of some stupid thing Jack did in the past/future. Plus the whole "gay" thing is a bore! ( and I'm gay)

  16. That series was all over the place!
    I was really enthusiastic when it started out because I thought that the premise was awesome.
    Some of the ideas were really neat as well (like that cult/religion with the masks), but like almost every side storyline in this mini series, it was left completely unexplored and turned out to be pointless and of no relevance to the ongoing plot.
    It's like they just brainstormed ideas and randomly threw them together without trying to connect them or keep any sort of consistency.

  17. I enjoyed the entire series. I like the Torchwood series, no matter which incarnation it is. I didn't see Esther's death coming, that was a shame, I had gotten to like the character, but the twist with Rex was a nice ending. I hope to see more Torchwood but with all the negative comments I doubt it will be any time soon.

  18. The whole series can be summed up by the word "muddy". There was no a clear development path for the story. It frequently lacked focus. Time passed off-camera without explanation of what happened in between. The story split between UK and US too often. There was not enough action, and too much time was spent on inconsequential details. Good ideas over all, but many opportunities missed. Also, as usual, celibates were not represented – is this some kind of prejudice? 😉

  19. Just way, way, way too long. It could have been tightened to 6 episodes easily, and probably 5. I think that if the padding was cut out it would have been a pretty good series — the subject matter was thought provoking but despite the padding things were just kind of forgotten and disposed of. There were no consequences, the stakes were huge but our characters were concerned with just minuscule parts of the horror. A whole team of people worrying about rescuing Gwen's dad when the whole world was burning people alive? The scale was all wrong, both with the story and with the number of episodes.
    I think this will be the end of Torchwood, sadly – when will the BBC learn that you can never translate British shows to America?

  20. This was incredible. Incredibly bad, i mean.

    Complete lack of focus on the characters, bad storytelling, useless and overlong sex scenes, MASSIVE plotholes,plot points abandoned, racist portrait of italians, no plausibility at all, crappy finale.

    Well done, RTD. TW was the last good think you did. Now you killed it.

  21. Bring it back to Wales. I watched Torchwood from day one on bbc three and shortening the series then taking it ot america has killed it
    Saying that I still love Torchwood it was a good series and I cant wait for series 4!!!!!!!!!!!
    Children of Earth was better. There are enough american series, bring back ourf Welsh show to Wales.

  22. thanks guys now they might not make another series.

    More happy comments, do you really want it to be the last series!
    BRING ON SERIES 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. There are a lot of comments here and on Twitter about it being bad in comparison to previous series but am I missing something here?

    Half-decent acting from the leads and the character of Ianto were all this series ever had going for it. Apart from a couple of stories in seasons 1 & 2, most have been full of plot holes and unwarranted, unrestrained melodrama.

    The possibility of a hint of a Doctor Who reference has for the most part been the only reason I've watched… because I'm sad enough to sit through 10 hours of terrible television for that. 🙂

  24. For me, it just wasn't Torchwood anymore. It had turned into A.N.Other American drama. You could easily have taken Jack and Gwen out of it and it would still be viable. In fact, if it hadn't been for the fact that it was labelled Torchwood, I would have given up weeks before the end. The only episodes that felt like the Torchwood of old were the opener and the episode in Jack's past, with Angelo. And that's probably because Ep 1 was set in Wales and the Angelo ep showed Jack's past, both things the original series did.
    Jack became sidelined as the leading man and Rex took up the mantle. And I just didn't like Rex that much. He was just Agent Stereotype from the CIA.
    The only new characters I liked were Esther and Danes. And then they killed Esther off, the only promising character in the new bunch.
    The story was way too long and felt drawn out. The story featured masses of padding as a result. It was also hugely contrived at time (convenient coincidences etc that drove the plot along) and stunt casting did little to help.
    Throwing in a few Doctor Who references along the way did little to make me think that this was the same series I used to know and love.
    In short, after a promising start, this series of Torchwood died a slow and agonisng death. Which is more than a little ironic.
    I was worried that Torchwood would suffer from it's transactlantic journey. It didn't just suffer. It went Catergory 1.

  25. I agree that it was too long by about 2 episodes. If you cut out half of the scenes of Gwen screaming, "but he's my dad" at somone and tightened up the rest it would have been more compelling. Rhys is best taken in small doses.

    Even the Jack/Angelo sruff didn't explain much or give Jack much depth. We've seen Jack meet former lovers who have grown old before. Jack didn't leave Angelo because he was a coward who didn't step up to save him at the butcher shop, which would have made sense, but because "it was time to move on." Been there, seen that already and it was predicably shallow.

    I found Rex unlikeable and arrogant and really didn't want him to be the one to survive.

    The most interesting, and well rounded characters were the villains. I felt I understood Oswald and Jilly's motivations and character more than I did Esther, Rex or Jack's.

    I didn't hate it but it was just too ambitious. Sometimes less is more.

  26. I for one LOVED IT!
    at times it was sort of predictable and even though I knew Rex was going to survive i still took it as a great ending! I loves me some Russel T Davis writing. Shame about Esther though i quite liked her. And also, my sister, who hates Doctor Who mind you started watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and though the series thought it was horrible until the season finale when she admitted to loving the episode very much!


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