This post contains materials which may not be suitable for younger readers.
If you are of an erotic disposition, look away now!

Episode Three of Torchwood: Miracle Day (spoiler~free review HERE) aired in the US last night and it included a scene that has been cut from the BBC version (airing next week) due its sexual nature. In the player below you can watch the scene featuring heterosexual and homosexual intercourse.

It is slightly spoilery, not to mention sexy, in nature.



  1. This is what the BBC have cut? They've shown a hell of a lot more explicit stuff before now.

    Maybe this is because it's a children's hero, Captain Jack, in the scene? I'm guessing so.

    I'm glad it's nothing too substantial or vital that's been cut, anyway.

  2. Was that it? WTF there was more explicit stuff in The Crimson Petal and The White including full frontal nudity (Chris O'Dowd) and more than a suggestion of anal sex with prostitutes!! Got to say these scenes look rather hot and thanks for posting!!

  3. It's so silly. As has been said, the BBC show way worse things than that all the time! I'm assuming it has a whole story behind it as well so it's not pointless exposure. Oh well. #disappointment.

  4. finds it hilarious that my country was founded with certain freedoms in mind and as time has passed (200+ yrs) we seem to have become incredibly PRUDE. Then Torchwood comes along and the UK cuts that scene. My brain hurts!
    p.s. – that was HOT

  5. An email from the BBC, and i quote:

    It is not unusual for co-productions to have slightly different versions of a show to reflect the different audiences. For episode three of ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’, as part of the usual discussions between broadcasters and the production company, small potential edits in two intercutting scenes of gay and straight sex were discussed and made by production. This minimal edit makes little difference to the episode to be broadcast in the UK. Both scenes remain but run a few seconds shorter than the US version. In a later episode a sequence of gay sex is important to the story and therefore both the US and UK will show the same version.

  6. thankyou for posting this im from the uk and was abit cheesed off that the BBC cut the scene 🙁 but at least i could see it on here so thankyou again 🙂 torchwoods a great show love it 🙂


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