Torchwood: Madam I'm. Cover by Lee Binding. (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Adam Norton Folgate Torchwood S2 Samuel Barnett Dervla Kirwan Big Finish

Torchwood: Madam I’m. Cover by Lee Binding.Setting is an office building corridor dominated by a large floor to ceiling window decorated with the Torchwood ‘T’ logo, through which golden light streams. Standing in the corridor are three people. Adam (mid 20s, handsome, blonde floppy hair parted in the middle) wears a brown skinny cut three piece suit and tie with one hand in his pocket, and another holding the open edge of his jacket and stands at the front of the three and to the right of the image. In the middle stands Norton (late 20s, handsome, slicked back brown hair) is wearing a grey slim fit three piece suit, flicking his eyes towards Adam, with a slight smirk, giving a slightly lustful look. Behind them both, on the left of the image, is Hayhoe (mid to late 30s, attractive, brown hair tied up neatly in a crown style plait) wearing a 1950s style grey women’s suit and skirt, holding a white clipboard. She looks out at the viewer knowingly. (c) Big Finish Productions